The content of this piece was written during a viewing of the first episode of Corpse Princess, on September 13, 2010. Edits have been made for spelling and grammar, but the rest is completely untouched, and un-edited from its original format

Boxart from FUNimation's release of Shikabane Hime

7:16 PM: Good evening, readers. Welcome to another fun show-blog!

7:16 PM: Tonight, I’ll be taking a look at [email protected]’s release of Corpse Princess (Shikabane Hime).

7:17 PM: This is a Gainax show, so I think it’s safe to assume that there will be either a) Giant boobs, b) off-the-walls crazy shit or c) both

7:17 PM: And with the name Corpse Princess, I can only imagine that we’ll see bloody meat puppets galore.

7:17 PM: But I digress. This was directed by Masahiko Murata (Giant Robo, Gilgamesh)

7:17 PM: Written by Shou Aikawa (Martian Successor Nadesico, Fullmetal Alchemist, Sorcerer Hunters)

7:18 PM: Opening and closing themes: Beautiful Fighter and My Story – both by Angela. (ooh :D)

7:20 PM: Aniwho, it’s about 20 past, so away we go!

7:20 PM: And it opens with a dark skyline… ooo~ :o … Yeah, I got nothin’ yet. >_>

7:21 PM: “House of Child Welfare” …orphanage?

7:21 PM: Picture: Three kids beating a guy – one has a shirt that says “Milk.” Oh, Japan. :3

7:22 PM: And there’s the guy in the picture… being held by two young boys in his sleep. >_>

7:22 PM: :O Cat that passes through windows! Shit’s gettin’ real, folks!

7:23 PM: Cat: “Ouri :O” Get the butcher knife~… :p

7:23 PM: Oh yes – expect a ton of B-horror movie jokes. This has a dark, spooky atmosphere.

7:24 PM: Anyway, he’s in the (family?) shrine… something IS going down.

7:24 PM: Dead girl in the middle of the room – ass-up… classy.

7:25 PM: His brother must be an S&M freak or something… that or just severely fucked up on a Jeffrey Dahmer level. She’s covered in deep slashes.

7:26 PM: In comes the cavalry. >_>

7:26 PM: Folks from the head shrine talking about a “seal or something.” More to come

7:27 PM: …FROM the freakin’ cat. >_> WTF Japan – “She is a shikabane :D” why yes, she IS a corpse.

7:28 PM: “You’ll become fascinated by shikabane. :D” oh great… a budding necrophile. -_-

7:28 PM: …corpse is a zombie now?

7:28 PM: “I’m certain… that she was dead :o” how certain? :D

7:29 PM: Scene change – some apartment, with cops barging in.

7:29 PM: And a dude on a pink couch >_> “We found seven corpses in your closet :O” …but they just arrived?

7:30 PM: Now HE looks like a zombie… or worse

7:30 PM: Yeah, zombie. soulless green eyes and all

7:30 PM: And out the window he goes >_> He didn’t last long at all. DISAPPOINTMENT!

7:31 PM: Hah… Ouri’s brother is a glutton… and a hypocrite

7:32 PM: …And he got what was comin’ to him thanks to the place’s director :D A crack on the head AND no breakfast. The kids seem ecstatic. >_>

7:34 PM: O_o Ouri’s a uh… growing… boy? -sigh- yep, this is Gainax. >_> Ouri’s trying to make off with his brother (the MONK)’s porno stash.

7:34 PM: “it was out of parental love :3” …that’s an awesome brother.

7:35 PM: Obvious hinting at a bigger plot, eh?

7:36 PM: Scene change to zombie girl, who is, naturally, nekkid in the shower. Yeeep. Gainax as usual

7:36 PM: “You sometimes see dead people :O” cue Haley Joel Osmont.

7:38 PM: O_o -cringe!- Ouri’s female friend (Inuhiko) goes straight for the groin when she’s pissed… his (male) friend just got nailed! D:

7:38 PM: “It seems the police let him [The pink-couch murder-pimp] get away. :|” … he kissed pavement. >_>

7:40 PM: Hunh… guess he became a monster after that. Makes sense… not really

7:40 PM: Zombiegirl is on the prowl. Fun.

7:41 PM: Back to zombie girl – in the zombieguy’s apartment.

7:42 PM: …wait… is he a zombie or a vampire? What the hell? -_- He’s not eating them – he’s drinking their blood… and he’s sexy!

7:42 PM: “I’ve become an immortal vampire :3” nope… zombie >_>

7:43 PM: “You aren’t human either, huh? :3” …was it that obvious? >_>

7:43 PM: NOW we’re hitting the Gainax fun :D bullets flying, shit blowing up

7:44 PM: And a hugeass black demon flying through the sky!

7:44 PM: Back to Ouri… and the corpse girl, who fell… 100 feet… and landed next to him. >_> #CoincidenceIthinknot

7:44 PM: ohp… cat’s back.

7:45 PM: “She’s dead.” “But you’re fascinated :3” …oh jesus… This better not turn into the OTHER kind of Gainax show or it’ll get creepy fast.

7:46 PM: Girl’s in hell… or something. O_o wtf

7:46 PM: …and she comes to, only to see Ouri with his rape-face on.

7:46 PM: “your heart wasn’t beating… so…”

7:47 PM: And he got slapped like every potential rapist should be. :P

7:47 PM: …while she runs off with Ouri’s brother >_>

7:48 PM: Apparently, the whores with sexy vampire are still alive

7:49 PM: blah blah shikabane blah blah THIS IS MY BOOMSTICK -whip out two guns- >:o

7:49 PM: Love the animation in these fight scenes. I just wish it didn’t keep cutting away >>

7:49 PM: Hah… Ouri has all the luck.

7:49 PM: Caught under the fight

7:50 PM: Now it’s just Makina and the demon… shit’s gon’ get real

7:51 PM: Property damage, blood flying everywhere, and a cute girl. We’ve officially entered “Awesome Gainax” territory

7:51 PM: And the demon gets a face FULL of lead! Bad-ass.

7:52 PM: And back to Ouri… who missed his own housewarming… aw..

7:52 PM: And Makino… showers again. >_> oh, you… Gainax

7:52 PM: “To be continued.”

7:53 PM: Ending theme is 100% Angela, which means it’s 100% awesome.

7:54 PM: Episode 2 features demon babies. Epic.

7:55 PM: The verdict: Shikabane Hime is a show that works, and works well.

7:55 PM: It started off slowly, but once the episode got going, it didn’t stop

7:56 PM: The animation is slick, the characters are definitely likeable, and the atmosphere is absolutely fantastic.

7:56 PM: It’s creepy, without delving into that B-Movie, Carnosaur/Army of Darkness campiness

7:57 PM: And really, props have to be given for a show where a girl with two uzis charges into a 10-foot tall demon, THROUGH a building, guns blazing

7:58 PM: All with a sadistic smile on her face, as she delivers that satisfying headshot to polish him off.

7:58 PM: I highly recommend this one and will be keeping an eye on it going forward.

Shikabane Hime is currently available through FUNimation.
The first 13-episode volume can be purchased at The Right Stuf International