You know you want it..The content of this piece was written during a viewing of the first episode of Sakura Wars TV on September 16, 2010. Edits have been made for spelling and grammar, but the rest is completely untouched, and un-edited from its original format.

Does anybody else pay attention to these intro segments? Didn’t think so.

8:53 PM: Welcome to another “Rainy Night and I’m Bored” edition of the showblog, everybody!

8:53 PM: Tonight’s feature is Sakura Wars TV.

8:53 PM: As most people will tell you, I’m a bit of a fanboy. :P

8:53 PM: I, ah, kinda played the first game until I could recite it line by line. No I won’t do that tonight. T_T

8:54 PM: Though you might get the sing-along for the opening song. ;) You’ve been warned!

8:54 PM: So I guess this will either be 30 minutes of me gushing, or 30 minutes of me ranting angrily about what’s different. :D

8:55 PM: ANYWAY, it’s going to be fun either way. So the basic info:

8:56 PM: Sakura Wars TV – licensed by [email protected]

8:56 PM: Original Concept: Ohji Hiroi (Moeyo Ken, Samurai Crusader)

8:56 PM: Character designs by Kosuke Fujishima (Ah! My Goddess, You’re Under Arrest)

8:56 PM: Theme song: Geki! Teikokukagekidan! (Fight! Imperial Fighting Troupe!) By the Hanagumi

8:56 PM: Closing theme: Yume Mite Iyou by Chisa Yokoyama

8:56 PM: Starring: Chisa Yokoyama (Tenchi Muyo!, Zenki, Petit Puri Yucie), Ai Orikasa (Saber Marionette J, Tenchi Muyo, Planetes)…

8:56 PM: Akio Suyama (Heroman, Wolf’s Rain), and Tomizawa Michie(Bubblegum Crisis, Kimagure Orange Road, Sailor Moon) … among others

8:57 PM: Animated by Madhouse (Casshern: Sins, Hellsing Ultimate, Paprika, Perfect Blue, Trigun, Cyber City)

8:57 PM: Anyway, I’ve wasted too much time already. :) It’s time to get started!

8:59 PM: And it opens with? CG models of a Koubu as Fujieda Ayame explains things

8:59 PM: Koubu = Spirit Armor – basically a giant mech

8:59 PM: Used to kill demons :P

9:00 PM: Griping from businessmen for having too much money invested in Kanzaki Industries (we’ll learn more about them later :D)…

9:01 PM: And the “contents” – I’m guessing the pilots?

9:01 PM: Ayame standing in front of the screen now, photo of the Flower Brigade (Hanagumi) pops up as she proclaims…

9:02 PM: “And the ones who will operate the Koubu and carry out the core duties of Capital Defense… TEIKOKUKAGEKIDAN – HANAGUMI NANO!”

9:03 PM: (Imperial Fighting Troupe – Flower Division!)

9:05 PM: And the trademark opening song :D

9:05 PM: C’mon, sing along :D (Dreamcast footage)

9:05 PM: Hikisaita, yami ga hoe~ furueru teito ni…

9:06 PM: Ai no utatakaraka ni, odorideru senshi tachi.

9:06 PM: Kokoro made, kotetsu ni, Uso suru otome~

9:07 PM: Aku rote jirashite, segimi wo shimetsu no da!

9:07 PM: Hashire, kosoku no – Teikokukagekidan!

9:08 PM: Unare, shougeki no, Teikokukagekidan! Hashire, kousoku no! Teikokukagekidan! Unare, shougeki no! Teikokukagekidan~

9:08 PM: OK, I’m done XD

9:09 PM: Show opens with footage of Sakura running toward Ueno Park

9:09 PM: …and she bumps into someone… bumpkin til the end, she is >_>

9:09 PM: First shots of Steampunk Edo.. and she’s thrilled :D

9:10 PM: Looks like she’s being followed… is that Tsubaki?

9:10 PM: Her father is a very pretty man. >_> Just sayin.

9:10 PM: Anyway, child sakura – d’aww :3

9:10 PM: Hunh… the background music is the same as what they use in the game. Cool :D

9:11 PM: well… somewhat

9:11 PM: Same tone :P No synth, all instrumentals

9:11 PM: Oops… Sakura missed her contact >_> “I’M SAKURA SHINGUJI! :O”

9:12 PM: “I’m sorry I’m late! D:” … yep. Really late >_>

9:12 PM: And she almost gets run over >_> that would’ve been a short series

9:12 PM: OOPS :O just missed Tsubaki… again

9:12 PM: And Sakura’s gawking at trolleys >_>

9:13 PM: Bump-kin!

9:13 PM: hah :D She does her best unintentional Marilyn Monroe – caught over a steam vent!

9:13 PM: And everyone laughs >_>

9:14 PM: ohp… pickpocket is on the hunt… as is an annoyed cop. “Where are you from? T_T” “Sendai :D” “What’re you doing here? T_T”

9:14 PM: uh… being an adorable hilbilly. A-duh :p

9:15 PM: heh.. kid chose the wrong mark – “I saved you from that cop :D So pay up :D” “kay? :D -blank stare-” “>_>”

9:16 PM: “So how bout some thanks >_>” “THANK YOU VERY MUCH T_T -shakes hand-” “Man, country bumpkins are so… T___T” hehe. :)

9:16 PM: “I came to defend the capital :3” yeah… that wouldn’t get you a look that says “you belong in an asylum” >->

9:17 PM: “’cause Spring is here? T_T” “Yes :D” …that wasn’t a compliment, Sakura >.>

9:17 PM: Back to the Theater, wehre Fujieda speaks with someone about Sakura

9:17 PM: …that’s interrupted by a call from, yep.. Tsubaki. :D I knew it

9:19 PM: As Sakura stares at a huge poster for Romeo and Juliet. Confused Sakura is confused “Imperial Theatrical Troupe, Flower Division” (Hanagumi)

9:19 PM: And she’s inside now >-> This will be interesting.

9:20 PM: Yay fanservice! Sumire (Michie Tomizawa) and Maria (Urara Takano) singing a signature image song :D As Sakura stares all ‘_’ whu?

9:21 PM: And now she’s entranced… as she’s told to close the door or get out. >_>

9:21 PM: Oh… it’s Kasumi :D

9:22 PM: “Is there a Mr. Yoneda here?” “Manager Yoneda? :D” “O-o Manager?”

9:22 PM: The poor girl’s going to be ALL screwed up when she finds out the truth >_>

9:23 PM: OOPS :O Sakura screwed up the show. >_> And there goes Yuri on damage control.

9:23 PM: …Sumire’s gonna be pissed >_>

9:23 PM: “I just found her T_T” Yoneda’s deadpan delivery is still awesome. :D Though his drunk act is more fun

9:23 PM: And eyecatch!

9:24 PM: …yep. Sakura’s onstage and screwed… but Sumire saves the day with quick thinking… and another insert song.

9:25 PM: Lots of gorgeously animated musical scenes. I like :D

9:26 PM: heh.. I was right – Sumire’s pissed.

9:26 PM: “Even if it is a customer – ” “She’s not a customer T_T” Welcome to hell week, Sakura >_>

9:26 PM: And Iris :D

9:27 PM: …now Sakura getting chewed out. Poor bumpkin. :(

9:27 PM: They already hate her. Had to figure. :P

9:27 PM: “You’re right, Jean-Paul. :D Iris won’t leave! :D” Jean-Paul = badass teddy bear

9:28 PM: And Yoneda’s getting smashed :3

9:28 PM: He’s always more funw hen he’s had a few

9:28 PM: Sakura’s still all “WTF” >_> All will become clear soon, I bet

9:28 PM: Heh.. Kazegumi’s watching :D

9:29 PM: And Yoneda reminisces about Sakura’s dad… who’s a very pretty man I must reiterate

9:29 PM: …and Yoneda called it – going to Maria to apologize first >->

9:30 PM: For reference: Kazegumi – Tsubaki, Kasumi, and Yuri – they do the command center work in the games.

9:30 PM: …aaaaaand Sakura gets a gun to her face. Nice welcome that is.

9:30 PM: “I wanted to apologize ;-;” …she got her answer >_>

9:31 PM: And a fun “GET OUTTA HERE T_T” to reiterate.

9:31 PM: …now it’s Iris’s turn… the little kid with the Omen smile

9:31 PM: “Jean-Paul, are you mad? Yeah… Iris feels the same way :3 Right, Jean-Paul. <3 …We hate you T_T”

9:32 PM: Oh boy :D Sumire’s next, right down to the “Ohohoho” laugh Michie does so well… she’s as haughty as ever, too >_>

9:32 PM: “A life in which I could play only role would be nothing but pain for me :3” oh u

9:32 PM: Photo shoot time. :D This is gonna go bad

9:33 PM: …I called it. >_> Sakura took out the lights… and pissed off Sumire… again

9:33 PM: Off to the Kazegumi, watching Maria go out to pick up Ayame (Fujieda)

9:34 PM: aw… sad Sakura… in the… hall? >_> #Thatdoesntwork

9:34 PM: Secret trap door is go!

9:34 PM: And she’s in the basement >_>

9:34 PM: …with… something >_>

9:34 PM: Those eyes… koubu?

9:34 PM: Koubu! :D

9:34 PM: …and they want her dead o_o

9:35 PM: yowza

9:35 PM: …ehe.. suicidal koubu

9:35 PM: Again, this will end badly

9:35 PM: “Take the long view on Sakura. :|” Fujieda has the right idea.

9:36 PM: >_> It ended badly

9:36 PM: Five dead koubu ‘-‘ And traumatized Sakura

9:36 PM: Yoneda knows something >_>

9:37 PM: Back to Sakura… who’s being shaken by Yuri. “A MONSTER ATTACKED ;o;” “Nope… just a badass mech

9:37 PM: Ouch O_o slapped by Sumire… that HAS to hurt. Both physically and your pride

9:38 PM: Wow.. Night in the Imperial Theater music.. as Sakura trudges through town

9:38 PM: back to Ueno Park.. in tears. :(

9:39 PM: And… credits? No! D:

9:39 PM: At least the Chisa ending theme is nice. :\

9:40 PM: Next episode: Sakura gets rejected by the Hanagumi some more :P I kid, I kid

9:41 PM: Anyway, the verdict: As a Sakura Wars fan, this delivers on SO many levels

9:41 PM: They fleshed out the backstory without getting overbearing, they put in tons of music and subtle nods to the games…

9:42 PM: And they didn’t try to say “OK THIS IS AN ACTION SHOW :O” or “THIS IS A ROMANTIC COMEDY :O”

9:42 PM: It actually FEELS like Sakura Taisen. the animation is good, though there is some nasty color bleed at one or two points (may be source)

9:43 PM: And the acting is fantastic – they reunited the whole cast for this, so far. Not one voice was out of place.

9:43 PM: Anyone curious about Sakura wars or even vaguely interested, pick this up. [email protected] licensed it and sells the series in a brick.

9:44 PM: It’s well worth the cost of admission for possibly the best, most accessible while also highly faithful video game to anime adaptations.

9:46 PM: But as a warning: watch this subtitled. The Japanese cast was hand-picked for the franchise; they are part of what makes Sakura Wars special

9:47 PM: Anyway, as always, thanks for sitting around and listening to me rant about the feature. :D g’night, everybody!

Sakura Wars TV is currently available through Sentai Filmworks.
The full series can be purchased at The Right Stuf International.