A Review in Multiple Parts: Hidamari Sketch, Part 1

This is something I’ve always been curious about trying – too often, I find reviews to be a pain in the ass to read – and mine aren’t exactly entertaining either! I’ve been experimenting with reviews in general, but the idea of an episodic review has always been something I thought would be fun. So again, comments, questions, concerns,  all welcome!

Diary of a Hidamari-sou resident: Day One

January 10

It’s my first day on my own! I just wish it weren’t so cold, or I’d still be outside!

I share the building with four other girls. I found this out the hard way, when I woke up to the blonde girl staring in my window! The crazy girl wanted to know if I had extra granola bars! She introduced herself as Miyako and seemed nice enough, if a little unusual. The other residents seemed a bit more sane, at least. Yuno seems to be the sweet, naiive type – but she’s definitely talented. Hiro and Sae  are both older than I am, and I’m impressed by their maturity. Hiro seems to have some sort of complex, though. She’s always fussing about her weight, and skipping meals. And Sae seems to be a horrible liar. She turns bright red and gets flustered when she does – I can’t be the only one that notices this.
Starting tomorrow, I’ll be a full-time student at Yamabuki Art High School. I can’t wait!

January 11
Just finished my first day of class. I got to introduce myself to the class like some fourth grader.. I always hate that. Anyway, my homeroom teacher is Miss Yoshinoya. She seems nice, but between you and me, she’s quite an airhead for a teacher. I mean, she was crying about how she didn’t receive New Year’s money from her parents! She also seems to be hiding some sort of cosplay fetish. I saw her in no less than five outfits before lunch, including a stewardess outfit and a Santa suit. She kinda scares me.

But, thankfully, somebody scared her as much as she scares me! The very sight of the principal sent her into a blanched panic. She hid behind the desk and I think I heard sobbing when he peeked inside! As for the principal, he’s very nice. But he shakes and jitters so much, you’d think he was some desk toy. Odd, though. I don’t think I’ve seen him leave school grounds, even though I live just across the street. I wonder how he goes home, or if he goes home.

Oh! My neighbors Miya and Yuno are in the same class. I ended up on clean-up with them, though they had to go outside. I finished early, and watched them play in the snow for a bit before going home. I saw this as I was walking by on the second floor.

With a bunch of people like this, I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Hidamari Sketch is currently available through Sentai Filmworks.
The series can be purchased as Right Stuf.
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