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Diary of a Hidamari-sou Resident: Day 3

October 12

I’m really starting to wish that the writing specialists weren’t placed next to the music wing. While it’s true that my group takes the least room, the very notion just begs for distractions. At this rate, I’ll never finish before the culture festival! And it doesn’t help that they keep playing that same plinky piano melody, or repetitive synth song over and over and over again! It’s nice, but honestly, if they were playing more than two songs, then I’m afraid that they all sound the same.

Today was the big Sports Festival – why an art school has a sports festival, I’ve still yet to understand. Saw one of my neighbors… Sae, was it? Anyway, I hoped that we’d see some action that didn’t involve a traumatized student body gazing at the principal in shorts. But that didn’t happen. Alright – seeing that creepy Miss Yoshinoya get trapped under the events tent was pretty funny.

School was cancelled this afternoon due to a typhoon, so I”m here scrambling to finish my submission. The neighbors seem pretty lively next door. I wonder what’s going on?

…What’s that? “Drying packets will catch fire if you get them wet?” sigh… The “artist” types really are out there, aren’t they? Oh dear. Now they’re throwing them outside? Those girls really are strange. Still, it sounds like they’re having fun. What? Me? Jealous? Far from it!

November 3

Finally, the Culture Festival is here! My work is submitted, and I feel great! I finally got a chance to hear what the blasted music majors were putting together a pair of poppy songs to perform. The first one, they called “Sketch Switch”, and it was a fun, bouncy number that’s surpringly addictive! The other song they performed, “Mebae Drive”, was a cover of a song I really like by Marble. They did a great job, giving it a subdued sound that was still filled with emotion. Now, why couldn’t they do this instead of “plink plink plink” for the past month? Honestly!

There were a few other fun exhibits there, as well. In particular, there was this sketch by that girl Yuno – it was simply amazing! Though I wonder if it was supposed to look as it was. It seemed… incomplete, but I didn’t have the heart to tell her that. She was already stressing out, and her friends weren’t really helping much. Can’t blame her, though – she worked herself sick on the drama club’s presentation of Cinderella, then this? It had to be hell for her.

All in all though, she seemed to do alright. And, for once, it turned out to be a fun day for everyone.
Hidamari Sketch is currently available through Sentai Filmworks.