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Diary of a Hidamari-sou Resident, Part 4

December 24

It’s Christmas time already? Consider me shocked – this year just flew by. I have to admit that I spent a lot of it just watching those girls I call “neighbors” go about their daily lives. It’s not like they did anything out of the ordinary but, well, there’s just something unusually amusing about watching their antics. I’m not sure if it was Miya’s general goofiness, or Yuna’s childish naiivete, or even Hiro’s constant weight watching that did it. All I know is that seeing what happened with those girls became a part of my day-to-day life.

It looks like the last train home leaves in a couple of hours, so I’d better start wrapping up. Everyone else has headed out except that Sae girl, and I don’t want to be the last. So, I guess I’ll say my goodbyes, and bid my landlady farewell until the new year. She’s terrible at hinting, though – she keeps talking about jumangoku manjuu now that she knows I’m from Saitama.

Anyway, I”m getting off track. It’s been a fun year! And, if I could, I’d gladly go through it again with no regrets. Maybe I’ll see them again next school year…
Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading through this!

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