The content of this piece was written during a viewing of the first episode of Tokyo Majin on September 4, 2010. Edits have been made for spelling and grammar, but the rest is completely untouched, and un-edited from its original format.

A better title for this series would have been “Boy George Vs. The World.”

4:14 PM: Good afternoon, everybody. Welcome another Saturday Showblog! :) Today’s feature is the first episode of Tokyo Majin.

4:15 PM: Tokyo Majin is another of [email protected]’s license rescues, and was originally released by ADV Films.

4:15 PM: Anyway, the basics:

4:15 PM: Directed by Shinji Ishihira (Air Gear, Fairy Tail, Ichi The Killer: Episode 0)

4:15 PM: Animated by AIC Spirits (Burn up Scramble, Birdy the Mighty: Decode, Tokko)

4:15 PM: Opening theme: “0:00AM”; Closing Theme: Hanafubuki – both by ACID

4:16 PM: It’s 4:16 – time to start :D

4:16 PM: And it opens with an old guy holding a crying baby…. as (apparently) his father(?) gets killed

4:17 PM: …and shit goes downhill.

4:17 PM: “17 years later: The setting: TOKYO” …’kay? ‘-‘

4:17 PM: SUPERMAN FLYING ZOMBIES :O Adam West was right!

4:17 PM: Epic beard man with a cart ;3

4:18 PM: And future-rapist? “Who’s there? :o”

4:18 PM: …And she’s being watched as Zombies chase her. wtf

4:19 PM: Now she’s trapped – Graffiti on the wall? “FUCK” – yeah, that about sums it up.

4:20 PM: Girl got ate :( As some guy eats candy, and… oh. :o Epic beard man found her body. I gotcha.

4:20 PM: Title: “TOKYO MAJIN GAKUEN KENPUUCHO – TOU!” >:o …this could be really cool, or really REALLY crappy. Dunno which yet.

4:21 PM: XD Holy crap – Really cheesy electric guitar riff in the episode title card.

4:21 PM: Like, 1980s cartoon cheesy.

4:22 PM: Down at the morgue now… Shadowrun?

4:22 PM: “It’s too damn smoky in here T_T” And they’re both smoking… hah

4:23 PM: “Every last drop of water’s been sucked from her body :o” so… thirsty zombies?

4:23 PM: HOLY hell that’s creepy >_O

4:23 PM: Inside the girl is goop… ew >_>

4:23 PM: At school? Life goes on.

4:24 PM: “He, his him. You, your, you. :D” English class is fun, or something?

4:24 PM: Blonde English teacher = awesome.

4:25 PM: She even says “yeehah! :D”

4:25 PM: “How about some coffee milk? :3” No way! :o I thought they only sold that in Rhode Island! #Epic

4:26 PM: Out the window Kyoichi and narcoleptic transfer go… and blonde English teacher is still awesome

4:26 PM: Let the beatdown begin – Kyoichi and Narc-y kicking ass

4:27 PM: Another main character? Komaki – brunette high school girl

4:27 PM: Back to the morgue


4:28 PM: “It can’t be normal people doing this.” “We can’t be certain they’re people :3” This bald dude is sharper than the average yakuza

4:29 PM: Coroner has an awesome skeleton cell phone strap. :D

4:29 PM: Back to the ass kicking.

4:30 PM: …more like a segment from a bad S&M flick now, as a bully dances as Kyoichi whips him with his belt. WTF Japan >_>

4:31 PM: And transfer finds a pipe… which he plugs and some girl pops out of the ground? … ‘_’ OK, I’m lost

4:31 PM: Narc-y has a name! Tatsuma Hiyuu – I’m going to call him Tatsu :D

4:32 PM: Girl’s a stalker. O.o Knows Tatsu’s whole life

4:32 PM: Kyouichi nailed it – she’s a freakin’ stalker… her name? Anko

4:32 PM: “Paparachi? :3”

4:33 PM: Brunette from the beginning has a name and identity now – Aoi Misato, student council president

4:33 PM: As the musclehead – Yuuya Daigo (Not the SFIII player >_>)

4:34 PM: Trainspotting-ish time lapse now. Fun.

4:34 PM: Day gives way to night, and the city lights up as people go to their own personal hells. Classy.

4:35 PM: Old Yakuza guy has a name – Yang

4:35 PM: Zombies are go!

4:36 PM: And they’re pissed – Yakuza are outnumbered but HOLY CRAP Yang’s kicking ASS! GO OLD GUY GO!

4:36 PM: Zombie BBQ. :D

4:37 PM: And giant yin yang… thing? that sucks in the zombies.

4:37 PM: …what just happened ‘_’

4:37 PM: “that was the girl. :o” Clearly. >_>

4:38 PM: Talk of Moryo demons – they prey on corpses… and holy shit old man getting tentacle mouthraped. ‘_’ WTF JAPAN

4:38 PM: WTF

4:39 PM: Long story short – demon makes zombies, zombies kill people, five kids are there to stop ’em. Sounds reasonable

4:40 PM: Kisaragi has a cute manservant. She likes her man-candy I guess :P

4:40 PM: And Daigo is a pushover with women – who didn’t see THAT coming. -rolls eyes-

4:41 PM: Stalkergirl becomes their connection. How… convenient.

4:41 PM: “Academic interest? :D” More plausible than “Scavenger hunt :3” I guess.

4:41 PM: “I smell a scoop :3” I smell another zombie by episode’s end. >_>

4:41 PM: Random shot of running monks… wtf

4:42 PM: “We’re not kids! T_T” yes you are >_>

4:42 PM: “Shuddup, shemale T_T” hah. :D Kyoichi doesn’t like Komaki, apparently… neither do I. She’s kind of a bitch >_>

4:43 PM: The prof. has an idea of what’s going on… shock >_>

4:44 PM: It’s the Dark Hour! :O #Persona3

4:44 PM: …and zombie Yuko must EAT >:O

4:44 PM: “This is kinda weird, isn’t it? :D” …this guy isn’t bright at all. >____>

4:45 PM: Let the zombie beatdown begin as Komaki sports new tattoos… they all do. wtf.

4:45 PM: Really – if I hear someone yell “PERSONA! :O”, I’m outta here


4:46 PM: …Or not.

4:46 PM: “What was that? ;-;” The product of many, MANY bad hentai flicks.

4:46 PM: This is just getting more and more absurd as the episode goes on. >_>

4:47 PM: Now Boy George is causing mayhem?

4:47 PM: Zombie Yang … and Kyoichi has his bloody zombie-killing sword.

4:48 PM: …who’d have thought that Boy George was a demon capable of killing dozens at once?

4:48 PM: I guess they really DO want to hurt him o_o

4:49 PM: Back to the zombie rage.

4:49 PM: “GO FOR ITS ARMS >:o” … I’d be more concerned with something else

4:49 PM: …well, that was anticlimactic.

4:50 PM: Oh, jeez x_x Rapedemon is spewing glowy white/purple stuff out from itself now. #wtfjapan

4:50 PM: “It blew up by mistake :D” …that was no mistake.

4:51 PM: Now Tatsu administers the smackdown.

4:51 PM: And pop goes the raepdemon.

4:52 PM: …who had a scary-ass doll with a spider in it… wtf japan ‘_’

4:52 PM: “I couldn’t protect them… ;-;” srsly – this could be a great way to end the show now. But there’s 25 more episodes of this.

4:54 PM: Verdict: Frankly, I’m bored with it. The sheer stupidity of the situations presented, and the unlikable cast are big turn-offs.

4:54 PM: Throw in a tone that refuses to really commit to horror, or action, or school mystery and you just have a jumbled, obtuse mess.

4:55 PM: Avoid this unless the sight of Boy George laying waste to Tokyo is REALLY high up on the “Shit I need to see” list.

5:02 PM: By all rights, it’s not a terrible show… it’s just not very good. :P

Tokyo Majin is currently available through FUNimation.
The full series can be purchased on DVD at The Right Stuf International.