The content of this piece was written during a viewing of the first episode of The Tower of Druaga: Aegis of URUK on September 5, 2010. Edits have been made for spelling and grammar, but the rest is completely untouched, and un-edited from its original format.

Before we begin, Hitoshi Sakamoto composed the score for this show. That’s right – Mr. Opoona himself. He also did the scores for Final Fantasy XII and Odin Sphere, but to hell with those snooze-fests. REAL gamers know where the awesomeness is.

8:14 PM: Good evening, readers. Welcome to a third straight night of show-blogs. :)

8:15 PM: Tonight’s feature is Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of URUK, based on Namco’s 1984 arcade game, The Tower of Druaga.

8:15 PM: The arcade game was a fun, if not frustrating affair that had you wandering a maze as a dapper, yellow-armor-clad gent named Gil.

8:15 PM: You basically wandered about, poked a few slimes, found treasure, and worked your way up the tower until you ran out of quarters.

8:15 PM: But I digress – I’d like to get the basics of the show out of the way before I go too far into the world of nostalgia. XD

8:16 PM: Animated by Gonzo (Last Exile, Afro Samurai, Saikano)

8:17 PM: Directed by Koichi Chigira (Full Metal Panic!, Phantom Quest Corp)

8:17 PM: Opening Theme: Swinging, by Muramasa

8:17 PM: Ending Theme: Tochosha-tachi by Kenn

8:22 PM: And away we go. :D

8:23 PM: Ooo, spooky :o Some psychedelic cave… or something

8:24 PM: Slimes :D

8:24 PM: …Who just got burned by a mage. :(

8:24 PM: “These guys were killed by Kusarakks. >_>” …we’ll find out what those are soon, no doubt.

8:25 PM: Yep.

8:25 PM: “They’re coming :O”

8:25 PM: Fight time is go… and some armor-clad dude named Jil makes his enry… as token female warrior freaks out.

8:25 PM: …Jil?

8:25 PM: …Shouldn’t that be Gil?

8:26 PM: Fight start!

8:26 PM: Or not… cut to the opening. -_- Disappointing!

8:26 PM: Opening is… Ska? O_o wtf

8:26 PM: And… why are they in a modern world? What the fuck?

8:28 PM: Music by Hitoshi Sakimoto: Wait.. THE Hitoshi Sakimoto?! O_o

8:28 PM: Mr. Opoona Soundtrack Hitoshi Sakimoto?!

8:29 PM: Holy crap, it is! Awesome! :D

8:29 PM: Oh… Sakimoto also did soundtracks for FFXII and Odin Sphere, but those don’t matter :3

8:30 PM: Back to the action – Gil can apparently kick cow-demon ass! :o

8:30 PM: “He’s so dreamy! *-*” …this has to be a dream

8:31 PM: “I’m the hero, Jil (grr). I’m fighting to defeat the vicious dark god Druaga! :O” …I miss game plots from the ’80s XD

8:31 PM: Hunh… guess it is Jil. Gil(gamesh) killed Druaga already.

8:31 PM: Oops :D

8:32 PM: Hah. :D Dramatic shot of the tower – Caption: “The Tower of Druaga.” Speech bubble – “It’s back! :O”

8:33 PM: Yada yada, many challenged Druaga, nobody could do it, Ishtar gave Jil the horn-hat of Gil

8:33 PM: …EPIC POSE >:o

8:33 PM: Apparently, Gil is the king of the land. o_o

8:33 PM: “Jil and his merry men :D”

8:34 PM: Looks like Jil is challenged by his friends… which leads to some confusing reversal-of-challenge? wat?


8:34 PM: This is pretty goofy for something based on Druaga.

8:35 PM: Not a bad thing at all.

8:36 PM: “Before I left, I had some romance with a beautiful princess! :3” “*.*” -flash to Jil walking in on her naked, beach, bad cook…-

8:37 PM: “You’re setting off to conquer the evil god ;-; I know you won’t make it back alive!” She’s an optimist ‘-‘

8:37 PM: “I’ll always come back. :3” “*-* Oh, JIL-SAMA! URESHII!” …or an airhead.

8:37 PM: Cliche fireworks to conceal sex. Jil tapped that

8:37 PM: Speed line fights!

8:38 PM: “I’ll kill you before you reach the tower!” “What was that?! :O” “… couldn’t you hear me? ‘_’ ”

8:39 PM: Utu = red shirt. “Hey Jil… when we get home, I’mma get married :D” “That’s nice, but why bring that up? :o” “AAAAAGH >:o -charge, stab’d-”

8:39 PM: Text: “UTU DIES”

8:40 PM: …dunno who Utu was, but Jil’s heartfelt monologue is now hilarious

8:40 PM: “Prepare to die, Dark Knight!” “That’s Black Knight! :O” yeah… don’t want DC to sue >_>

8:41 PM: Zelda Sword beam gogogo!

8:41 PM: …and he’s beat. >_>

8:41 PM: “Why won’t you kill me? :O” “there’s sadness in your sword. ‘_’ I can’t kill someone who knows the sorrow of battle.” …wat

8:42 PM: “Hone your skills, Great Knight. :D” “That’s BLACK KNIGHT T_T” X3 -snerk-

8:42 PM: “And so TEN YEARS PASSED! :O” Just like that?

8:42 PM: Eyecatch! :D

8:43 PM: Mid-show comment – this is pretty funny. It’s more a parody of the Druaga story than a serious adaptation

8:43 PM: Into the tower! :o Complete with the stereotypical “Ikuzou, minna :o” “OUUUU! :D”

8:44 PM: First danger: A roper… a very, VERY grabby planet o_o

8:44 PM: …Rape-y more than grabby.

8:45 PM: “Watch this :o” “But we have to save her!” “NOT YET! :O” …and they watch the girl get molested. wtf japan

8:45 PM: “JUST A LITTLE LONGER! :O” …he’s in his happy place.

8:45 PM: “DAMMIT! HOW LONG YA PERVERTS GONNA WATCH?! T_T” fourth wall broken. :D

8:45 PM: And another one bites the dust. Kally fried by Quox. >_>

8:46 PM: Black Knight saved the day. :D I like him.

8:46 PM: Serious conversation as Quox writhes in pain.

8:47 PM: “I wanna get married :3” And Black Knight gets fried >_> Note to self – “I wanna get married” = instant death

8:47 PM: And another swordbeam kills the Quox… who dropped the key.

8:47 PM: Dramatic goodbye to Dark Knight… who was 100,145 O_o

8:47 PM: “We, the Druaga three will stop you :O” no they won’t. >_>

8:48 PM: The Druaga Three – ANNIHILATED :O

8:48 PM: And more raepslimes.

8:48 PM: …Neeba got clocked by Jil. ‘_’

8:49 PM: “Neeba is left behind >:o” …that made no sense.

8:49 PM: “Do you really think we can beat Druaga? :O” Yes. yes they can

8:50 PM: “When this battle is over, let’s get married! :D” despite the princess waiting? >_>

8:50 PM: Oh. “The Princess – NOW AN EX >:o”

8:50 PM: Druaga fight go! :D “He’s tiny ‘_’ ”

8:50 PM: …He IS tiny

8:50 PM: “Jil, I AM YOUR FATHER >:o” Vader’d. :D

8:51 PM: Text bubbles on screen “GO TO HELL >:o” And the nameless girl is now raging

8:51 PM: Epic cutaway to… THE INNKEEPER >:o HE WILL SAVE THE WORLD!

8:51 PM: …Well, he lasted 10 seconds. :(

8:51 PM: Jil goes Super Saiyan now… who looks like a Gundam

8:52 PM: Lots of overexaggerated, Dead-Leaves-ish expressions :D

8:52 PM: And a Pikohammer? #Hammerspace!

8:52 PM: “Druaga, you bastard! :O” distant fight is go.

8:52 PM: …and Jil loses.

8:52 PM: Ishtar comes to save the day :D

8:53 PM: “And I forgot his name, but anyway, one of my comrades :D” “I’m Utu! :D”

8:53 PM: Jil = Hyper Mode!

8:54 PM: “Just you try to survive it, Druaga! :O -throws his friends at Druaga-

8:54 PM: “I won, innkeeper :3”

8:54 PM: …Apparently, that didn’t happen. >_>

8:55 PM: “You just passed out. T_T “Jil got his ass beat >_>

8:55 PM: And everyone hates him.

8:56 PM: And they’re still in the Tower of Druaga.

8:56 PM: …End of episode

8:56 PM: Verdict: This NOTHING close to what I expected.

8:57 PM: Aside: Hah :D Next episode segments have sprite Jil and ToD game footage

8:58 PM: Back on topic: The show is actually really damn funny, and has a lot of personality.

8:58 PM: Jil is a lovable failure, the rest of the cast seems just as charming.

8:58 PM: The animation is pretty good, the character designs themselves are great, and it feels like a strong start to a possibly great whole.

9:01 PM: The first episode is currently [email protected]’s video portal in both subbed and dubbed formats, the series retails for $59.98 on DVD

9:02 PM: Definitely check it out. :D

9:03 PM: Links to the show:

9:03 PM: Episode 1 (sub) –

9:03 PM: Episode 1 (dub) –

The Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of URUK is currently available through FUNimation.
The full series can be purchased on DVD at The Right Stuf International.