The content of this piece was written during a viewing of the first episode of Tenchi Universe on September 28, 2010. Edits have been made for spelling and grammar, but the rest is completely untouched, and un-edited from its original format.

This is my second night of dealing with Mihoshi. Have fun as you watch me groan about it!

8:34 PM: Good evening, everyone. Welcome to my second AIC tribute blog!

8:34 PM: Tonight’s feature is Tenchi Universe – this time, I mean it. Though I hope everybody enjoyed the surprise last night!

8:34 PM: Anyway, I’ll get the essential information out of the way:

8:35 PM: Directed by Hiroshi Negishi (Saber Marionette J, Master of Mosquiton)

8:35 PM: Character Designs by Hiroshi Negishi (Tenchi Muyo in Love, Yoshimune)

8:35 PM: Animated by AIC (natch)

8:35 PM: Originally released by Pioneer Animation (later, Geneon), currently licensed by .@funimation

8:38 PM: It’s about 8:38 now, so away we go!

8:39 PM: Houston, we have cheesy techno-rap!

8:39 PM: Animation is already a huge step down from even last night’s Mihoshi special.

8:40 PM: Though it’s to be expected. OVA => TV is always a downgrade

8:41 PM: Open to the Masaki Shrine – the sakura are in bloom, and Tenchi’s on his way to school. :D

8:41 PM: “It’s like a carnival every day :3” uh…

8:41 PM: Ryo-Ohki makes herself known early this time o_o

8:41 PM: Oh… just a cat. I am disappoint!

8:42 PM: Flashback… to the future?

8:42 PM: Ryo-Ohki screams through space. >:o Any space ship that’s that adorable is awesome in my book

8:43 PM: Ohp – former space ship >_> shot down

8:43 PM: And Tenchi gets to see… how um… convenient?

8:44 PM: And he’s right at the landing site – again, how um… convenient. #DeusExMachinaIsFun

8:44 PM: And there’s Ryoko… drunk as a skunk.

8:45 PM: Ah, Tenchi – too nice of a guy. You know most people would ignore a passed out drunk – space ship or not – not say “Hi drunk gutter skank :D”

8:45 PM: And she’s hugging and playing innocent.

8:45 PM: “A space pirate is at my heels! ;-;” …her? :P

8:46 PM: She’s smiling a lot for someone terrified.

8:46 PM: cop-mecha is in pursuit! And guess what Tenchi just became an accessory to? :D

8:47 PM: “Why should I be in this kind of trouble?!” WELL, there’s something about picking up GUTTER SKANKS

8:47 PM: And there’s Tenchi’s dad… How random

8:47 PM: Hah. :D Tenchi’s trying to reason

8:47 PM: “We promised to die together, remember?” SOMEONE is still buzzed.

8:48 PM: Ohp – copbot trips on a coke can. it can’t get up. How… anticlimactic.

8:48 PM: THERE’S the reaction I wanted :D kicked down the cliff!

8:48 PM: Tenchi’s grandpa now – he is the most badass grandpa ever

8:49 PM: And Tenchi’s home… with the skank.

8:49 PM: And Tenchi’s dad goes into “horny old man” mode

8:49 PM: “Have you two eloped? :O” “How did you know? :D”

8:50 PM: Hah. :D Tenchi’s dad is laying on the charm

8:50 PM: “I find her story of being an alien more believable than your story of picking up a pretty girl :D” Yowza – ice burn.

8:52 PM: “Thank you very much, honorable father! :3” Ryoko’s laying it on VERY thick right now.

8:52 PM: And Tenchi’s dad just got creepy

8:53 PM: Copbot’s back…. and eyecatch!

8:54 PM: We’re back, and everyone’s making Tenchi board up the house on his own. Sucker.

8:54 PM: …And Tenchi’s dad is being creepy… again >_>

8:55 PM: Hah :D Super Famicom game – Tenchi Muyo fighter! Ryoko vs. Jurai Battle Ayeka!

8:55 PM: And it looks like Tenchi’s tired of Ryoko, who’s getting clingier and clingier

8:55 PM: …Here comes the rape

8:55 PM: …Or not. :D Cop bot rings doorbells

8:56 PM: And Ryoko even says she was gonna defile Tenchi.

8:56 PM: I love it when shows are this up-front.

8:57 PM: Ryoko’s having way too much fun running for her life.

8:57 PM: Again – guess what Tenchi’s accessory to

8:57 PM: And Kazuhiko (Tenchi’s grandpa) is annoyed at the shrine.

8:57 PM: Shit just got real

8:58 PM: Epic sword duel against robot is go!

8:58 PM: …That didn’t last long.

8:58 PM: “COOL :D” I agree!

8:58 PM: And guess who’s inside? Here’s a hint – every time she talks, I want to punch her in the throat :D

8:58 PM: That’s right! First Class Detective Mihoshi :D God, I hate her

8:59 PM: “Do I look like a naughty girl? ;-;” WELL.. considering that she just tried to force surprise sex on Tenchi… yes.

8:59 PM: … O___o Mihoshi’s pulling evidence out of her ass. Literally! wtf Japan

9:00 PM: Wait…that’s not her ass now. ‘_’

9:00 PM: Teddy bear, holocube… and an ID

9:00 PM: With a warrant

9:01 PM: “I had this terrible hangover T_T” YA THINK?!

9:01 PM: Now we’re seeing Ryoko at her finest – snarky, snotty, and oh-so-badass.

9:01 PM: Here comes the ass-kicking.

9:01 PM: As Kazuhiko watches.

9:02 PM: More running away. “Aren’t you a cop?!” “Well I am but… I’M SCARED! ;-;”

9:02 PM: …Out the window again. >_>

9:02 PM: And Mihoshi sits there useless while Tenchi tries to fight back with his hoe.

9:03 PM: He knows how to handle a hoe, that’s for sure. #DoubleEntendre

9:03 PM: And Ryoko’s done – “I never meant to hurt you :D”Ssuuuuure.

9:04 PM: And she’s screwing with bubble-head. “I might surrender :3” No ya won’t.

9:04 PM: Mihoshi’s Miranda rights go up in smoke >_> and now she’s trying to recite from memory. God, this is insufferable.

9:04 PM: And now she’s crying.

9:04 PM: And Ryoko’s planning to stay now.

9:05 PM: “You were really valiant. :3” And now the morning. Tenchi just became a man… or not

9:05 PM: While Mihoshi mooches.

9:05 PM: And cries.

9:05 PM: Ugh.

9:06 PM: And now Ryoko’s fucking with her again :D Love it. “I just decided to really REALLY surrender! :3” “;_;”

9:07 PM: “Would you please let me stay here for a while? ‘_’ ” Guess who’s getting a bigger role now. :D

9:07 PM: You guessed it.

9:07 PM: Heh.. poor Tenchi has to clean up the wreckage from the night before.

9:07 PM: And Ryoko keeps flirting.

9:08 PM: “:3 No Need for Discussions” (episode title usage – fun!)

9:08 PM: And the episode’s over :D

9:09 PM: Ending theme by Ai Orikasa (Ryoko), it seems. I think there was a Yumi Takada (Ayeka) version they used, too.

9:10 PM: Anyway, time for the verdict:

9:10 PM: The show holds up incredibly well , especially considering that its 15th anniversary was just this past April.

9:11 PM: The jokes are still great, the characters (for the most part) are strong, and the animation is fantastic for TV.

9:13 PM: I highly recommend the series, and encourage all anime fans to hunt down a copy of the Geneon release or pick up .@funimation’s upcoming set

9:15 PM: Anyway, thanks for joining me tonight – stay tuned for more AIC-centric fun soon!

Tenchi Universe is currently licensed for distribution by FUNimation.