Sometimes, a good show can pass by without a second glance, only to be remembered many years later. Some are remembered in a passing thought, with a tinge of regret. And some shows just smack you in the face with the force of a freight train if you so much as try to forget about them after that first viewing. Guess which group Ninja Nonsense falls into.

What is it?

Ninja Nonsense is a comedy series revolving around ninjas in modern day Japan. Kind of. Basically, everything gets rolling when Shinobu, a trainee ninja, gets lost on the way to her mission from the “head ninja”, which leads her to the house of Kaede, an average middle school girl. Words are exchanged, craziness is had, panties are stolen (you read that right), and Shinobu is off on her way. And that’s the end of it… or so they think. Shinobu takes a liking to Kaede, and drags her to the house of the Ninjas.

Did I mention that Shinobu’s master is a perverted yellow ball with arms named Onsokumaru? Yep – Shinobu and the ninjas are taking orders from Gema Gema. which is freaking awesome in its own right.

Anyway, the majority of the show revolves around random happenings at the Ninja Manor, be it enduring a fall typhoon, dealing with Shinobu’s powerful, magical-using baby sister, or trying to find the best porno mags. Nothing ever goes as planned though, and the situation almost always goes to the limits of Murphy’s laws, often with hilarious results.

Why Was it Passed Up?

Ninja Nonsense, like Galaxy Angel before it, and DiGi Charat before that, had a lot going against it in the American market. Namely, it’s cute but not moe, it’s a comedy, and probably most damning of all, the show doesn’t lend itself well to explanation. Much like Galaxy Angel and DiGi Charat before it, Ninja Nonsense is the type of show that you simply have to see to understand. The show’s off the wall, distinctly Japan-centric sense of humor that often delves into the realms of nonsensical and perverted at points (not that I’m complaining!) could be seen as possible deterrents, as well.

The singles, which began hitting on July 25, 2006, went up against heavy-hitters, including Gundam Seed Destiny and the 11th volume of Fullmetal Alchemist, which ensured that fans with limited budgets were focused elsewhere. I’m not positive on the show’s overall performance, since the show was promoted on IGN, and received positive nods from Anime on DVD (now Mania) and ANN. However, as of the time of this writing, TRSI is still trying to clear out copies of the boxed set. Not the thinpack, but the actual limited-edition boxed set that hit in 2007.

Why this show?

Ninja Nonsense is a show that simply doesn’t know the word “limits.” Every joke goes to the bounds of insanity, or the furthest stretches of perversion. Be it a well-timed crotch shot ruining a dramatic entrance, a bout with hallucinogenic mushrooms, or a convenient glimpse into one of the Sasukes’s (the ninjas) fetishes, the jokes cover all aspects of the lewd and crude. For those that don’t get laughs out of the low-brow, the series keeps a stock of fun visual jokes that run even in the more serious segments. The series is filled with fun visual references to shows of now and the then, including Keroro, Maria-sama ga Miteru (Maria Watches Us), and Sailor Moon.

The cast works well together, from the sweet and somewhat dopey Shinobu, to the creepy uncle-ish Sasukes, to the tough-talking yellow globe that is Onsokumaru. And, while the plot isn’t exactly rocket science, it does what it needs (mostly convey the laughs forward) to and does it well.

Anyway, as I said earlier, it’s nearly impossible to really describe this show properly, so I’ll be leaving that part to Nozomi Entertainment’s trailer.
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I could go on and on about Ninja Nonsense, but I’ll just say it outright: this show is freaking hilarious. The comedy is spot-on, the characters are lovably deranged, and everything just seems to fall into place perfectly. The show isn’t for everybody, but those that enjoy the same sort of deranged humor brought about by shows like Galaxy Angel or DiGi Charat have no excuse for passing this up.

Closing Thoughts

Ninja Nonsense is a show that, by all rights, could have been a steaming turd. However,I’m glad to see that it turned out so well. In particular, I was in tears at the yaoi-themed MariMite parody – it was absolutely priceless.

I’ll admit that I shed a tear at the end of this, because I really, really didn’t want it to end! Do yourselves a favor, and check this one out, now that it can be had for under $40.

Ninja Nonsense is currently available through Nozomi Entertainment