It looks like Cat Shit One is finally coming to America next month. The feature will stream on Youtube next month, and hit DVD and Blu-Ray in December. I’m personally pretty pleased with this.

Cat Shit One is a guilty pleasure of mine. I ate up the three volumes of the manga that ADV released, and I’ve been pretty interested in the CG pilot since it was originally announced.

For the uninitiated, Cat Shit One/Apocalypse Meow is a series that tells a gritty tale of Vietnam War soldiers… who happen to be fuzzy animals. The series’ combination of gritty, realistic combat and fuzzy animals is something that just works. It’s not anywhere near as harsh as, say, Maus, but the whole juxtaposition of style and content is very similar.

Anyway, enough rambling. Long story made short: Apocalypse Meow rocks, and the CG feature looks promising. I’m glad it’s finally hitting the west.