Today’s news that a Haruhi mecha toy is in the works solidified one thing in my mind: Haruhi is the new Evangelion. To clarify, the show is following a similar pattern to the iconic mecha anime in a number of ways.

Shortly after Evangelion’s release, we started seeing a lot of fan-pandering take place, from figures of Asuka and Rei in maid getup to nearly-nude “body pillows” of the female leads. While Evangelion proper is a classic show that is hailed by fans both old and new as an essential classic, the pandering created an image that would last in Japan’s popular consciousness through even today.

With the merchandise growing more and more unusual with Haruhi, it’s not hard to see a similar effect occurring with the franchise going forward. However, I am curious to see if Haruhi can keep the cash flowing for as long as Evangelion.