I was just about to write a piece about FUNimation picking up the rights to Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 (and Excel Saga and… ugh… Noir), but this story came to my attention first. Apparently, filming’s going to begin for the Bubblegum Crisis live action film soon. This is something I’ve been dreading since it was announced in ’08.

Most people forgot about this, or just shrugged the project off as a non-starter. After all, the project seemed to be going nowhere, and a lot of us figured that it would end up like the Eva movie. This news just brought a shiver to my spine.

While we know very little about the film at this point, the worry is still there. The potential for greatness is there, but there are just as many possibilities for failure. And, frankly, the failure scenarios would be what really drags the title down into the dumps. In the likely bad-case scenarios, The internet at large get a few laughs in the short run and the fans will cringe. Down the line, the franchise in general would take a massive hit both outside of the anime community and within. After all – once a title turns into a bad internet joke, there’s no turning saving it.

It’s possible that I could be worrying over nothing, but there are just far too many failure scenarios for me to rest easily. Bad acting, low budget, poor writing, bad choreography, or any number of factors loom that can destroy this title. Things are already looking down, with an inexperienced director at the helm (LaMolinara does have some talent with animation, but his actual directing experience is limited), coupled with the pained filming cycle.

But enough of the doom and gloom. Everyone who hasn’t seen it, definitely look into the original or Tokyo 2040. ┬áBoth are fantastic titles that are well worth a watch.