The content of this piece was written during a viewing of the first episode of Oh My Goddess! (OVA) on October 1, 2010. Edits have been made for spelling and grammar, but the rest is completely untouched, and un-edited from its original format.

This series should be required viewing for all anime fans. It’s just that damn good.

8:36 PM:Good evening everybody, and welcome to another AIC-themed showblog!

8:36 PM:This will actually be the last one for AIC week, barring another find like Pretty Sammy/Mihoshi Special .

8:37 PM:Unless you WANT me to suffer through a night of Pretty Sammy tomorrow. :P Uh… anyway!

8:37 PM:I’ve decided to make it the biggest of all, and one of my all-time favorites.

8:37 PM:That’s right – Ah! My Goddess.

8:38 PM:Tonight we’ll be going old school! Episode 1 of the OVA series.

8:38 PM:This is another spur-of-the moment thing – I actually had the TV series ready to go in the player. ^_^;

8:38 PM:So, I’ll just get a few of the basics out of the way:

8:39 PM:Directed by Hiroaki Gohda (Bubblegum Crisis – ep. 8, Please Teacher! Project A-Ko 2)

8:39 PM:Original series by Kosuke Fujishima (Sakura Taisen, You’re Under Arrest)

8:39 PM:Stars Kikuko Inoue, Aya Hisakawa, and Yumi Touma as Belldandy, Skuld, and Urd

8:39 PM:Opening Theme: “My Heart iidasenai, Your Heart Tashikametai” by the Goddess Family Club – aka Inoue, Hisakawa, and Touma.

8:40 PM:Ending theme: Congratulations! by The Goddess Family Club

8:41 PM:Released by AnimEigo

8:42 PM:AE Actually lost the rights to this not too long ago, sadly. I hope someone picks it up

8:42 PM:Anyway, I’ve stalled enough to get the DVD going, so let’s begin! ^_^

8:43 PM:Right into the opening credits – bouncy Kikoku Inoue song. how can you hate that?

8:43 PM:Sorry – I’m dyslexic tonight – KiKUko

8:44 PM:Fun fact: Mara appears in the opening credits to this, but never appears in the OVA proper, as do Peorth and Sayoko

8:45 PM:And we open with Heaven. Gorgeous, high-tech place… and there’s Bell :D

8:46 PM:Who’s doing… something, and we see a glimpse of the shrine, followed by? -BRIIING :D-

8:46 PM:Poor Keiichi. Stuck being a secretary for his classmates XD

8:47 PM:And he’s hungry. >->;; His roomies stiffed him on food so.. TAKEOUT TIME :D

8:47 PM:And he’s a strikeout even with food orders >_> “We don’t order before 5 :D” #foodfail

8:48 PM:“We’re not open T_T” #foodfail

8:48 PM:“Goddess helpline :D” food…win?

8:49 PM:And bitch comes outta the mirror :O “Konnichiwa :D” “O_o”

8:49 PM:Keiichi’s got a stalker. And her name is Belldandy

8:50 PM:“I’m a goddess :D” “A goddess? :O” “Yeah :D” “You have to be joking T_T” BITCH IS FLOATIN THERE

8:50 PM:“You only get one wish :D”

8:51 PM:“Does this mean anything? :3” -flash to billions of girls, lots of cash, winner of race circuit- oh, you…

8:51 PM:He ain’t buyin’ it.

8:51 PM:“Why don’t you have a girlfriend? o_o” Short guy is short

8:51 PM:“Is she for real? >_>”

8:52 PM:And it’s time for the wish that changes his life forever :O

8:52 PM:“I want a girl like you to be with me FOREVER! :O”

8:52 PM:Belldandy be glowing and shooting laser beams out of her forehead. That’s ALWAYS a good omen. >_>

8:53 PM:“Your wish has been approved :D” She’s very calm for a girl that’s signed her life to him…

8:53 PM:“The Ultimate Force will keep us together :D”

8:53 PM:…Didn’t she start freaking out about now in the TV show and books? o_o

8:54 PM:“Women are forbidden in this dorm so… :|” uh oh. >_>

8:54 PM:Here comes the senpai… and Keiichi’s in a less than flattering positiion

8:54 PM:He broke Rule 36. Mortal sin of manliness

8:54 PM:…Jesus – they dont’ waste time o_o

8:55 PM:And they’re hobos – just like that

8:55 PM:Aw, Keiichi – you know just what to say. :D “if a pretty girl like you is with me, I’m okay”

8:56 PM:Magical clothes change is go – forgot how great this show looked. It’s been a good year or two since I last saw

8:56 PM:Fun fact: Belldandy looks great in a beret

8:56 PM:Screw it – she could wear a burlap sack and look good

8:57 PM:Operation: Couch surf is go! :O

8:57 PM:First guy just wants Bell >_> uh… ew

8:57 PM:Swing and a miss.

8:59 PM:Now we’re seeing Belldandy explain the logistics of wishing. It’s stuff like this, here we just see them talking, that I love

8:59 PM:You get to see Bell’s innocence really come out, and Keiichi be, well… He’s Keiichi – he’s a lovable guy

9:00 PM:Ohp – spoke too soon. >_> Off they go on the road agin

9:00 PM:Belldandy = Garmin for the ’90s

9:00 PM:And an oncoming car… is that… KEN NAKAJIMA? O_o

9:01 PM:Aw… Bell’s tired and it’s starting to rain. Things went from great to terrible just like that.

9:01 PM:“Oh THAT temple :D” …how does he know? >_>

9:01 PM:Eyecatch!

9:01 PM:Wait… why does an OVA have an eyecatch? -blink-

9:02 PM:…Temple’s abandoned… wait… wasn’t there…? Nevermind.

9:03 PM:“Gotta do something about those wet clothes :O” Those headphones’ll do the trick -_-

9:03 PM:And now it’s “Watch Keiichi run around like an idiot looking for an outlet” time :D

9:03 PM:Poor guy would rather freeze than let her get sick.

9:04 PM:And now HE’S sick. Poor guy can’t win

9:04 PM:But Bell’s gonna make it all better with MIND BULLETS

9:05 PM:Mind bullets that can turn a decrepit shrine into an adorable place for two, apparently.

9:06 PM:House is happy and somehow 20 years newer. Goddesses rule

9:07 PM:And Keiichi? He wakes up in a bedroom safe and sound again.

9:07 PM:Fact: Birds love goddesses

9:07 PM:Or something

9:07 PM:“Is it alright to live here? :D” “I got permission :D” …wasn’t there an old monk that did that?

9:08 PM:Fact: moving costs money – Keiichi blew his savings

9:09 PM:But he has “luck swirling around” him >_>

9:09 PM:TENSION! “We’re living together :O”

9:09 PM:Keiichi = Pervert

9:09 PM:And accidental indecent pose time PART TWO!


9:10 PM:Hah. :D Megumi has perfect timing. She knows the score.

9:10 PM:Love her sly grins. “Wow, Kei and a woman? WITH A GAIJIN? :O”

9:11 PM:Hah :D “I’m staying here :3” no asking – she just does

9:11 PM:“College? You’re that old? O_o”

9:11 PM:Hah… poor clueless Keiichi

9:12 PM:“I won’t tell mom that you’re living with her :3” Oh, Megumi

9:12 PM:Hah :D “It’s like you’re a goddess or something :o” ” :D I am a godde- -mouth covered-”

9:13 PM:Score another one for the Ultimate Force! 40000 yen!

9:13 PM:Keiichi’s seniors are back… and pissed that he’s a playa

9:13 PM:O_o Ouch… Den-chan.. people don’t BEND like that!

9:14 PM:“She’s my sister! ;-;” “Oh. :D Why didn’tcha say so?” Um… PAIN does that

9:14 PM:And now… they celebrate by getting drunk

9:14 PM:But you just KNOW they were gonna get drunk anyway

9:15 PM:Keiichi’s buzzed, it seems… he’s staggering out. o_o

9:15 PM:It’s also like late night now, so yeah… they were clearly aiming to get slammed with that much liquor

9:16 PM:Aw… and the episode ends on a sweet moment with Bell and Keiichi together.

9:17 PM:Even all these years later, I love Ah My Goddess – all of it – this OVA is no different.

9:17 PM:It just has that timeless quality that you can’t help but fall in love with

9:17 PM:The animation is gorgeous, and the character designs really show off Fujishima’s love of the characters

9:18 PM:It’s still possible to find this at a reasonable price – but it’s getting harder and harder to find

9:19 PM:As an anime fan, treat yourself – pick this up while you still can. It’s STILL one of the sweetest romance stories out there.

Oh My Goddess! was originally released by AnimEigo. The series is currently out of print, but the 52-episode TV series is just as good, and currently available courtesy of Media Blasters.