The content of this piece was written during a viewing of the first three of Nyoron Churuya-san and The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya on October 12, 2010. Edits have been made for spelling and grammar, but the rest is completely untouched, and un-edited from its original format.


Keeping up with two-minute episodes is an interesting challenge in itself. Still, I have to admit that it was fun!.


7:27 PM Good evening, everyone and welcome to another fun showblog!

7:31 PM Tonight we’re going to get a bit more, well… “geeky” as I cover The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya and Nyoron Churuya-san #SmokeCheese

7:32 PM Both of these are ‘net anime that broadcast over Youtube, and other sources last year.

7:32 PM So before I begin, I’ll cover the basics

7:32 PM Released in the US by [email protected]

7:32 PM Directed by Yasuhiro Takemoto (Full Metal Panic! [Fumoffu and the Second Raid], Lucky Star)

7:32 PM Animated by Kyoto Animation (Lucky star, K-On!)

7:32 PM Dubbed by Bang Zoom!

7:33 PM So I guess I’ll dive right in with some Churuya, and hop over to Haruhi after an episode or two of this :D

7:34 PM D’aww :D Churuya eating her title card out of a giant block of #SmokedCheese

7:34 PM Trampoline time! :D -boing- Nyon!

7:34 PM And she’s trying to get the Smoke Cheese X3

7:35 PM Aww – Defeated nyoro~n as she missed it

7:35 PM Kyon kun kyon kun :D :D

7:35 PM “Got any smoked cheese?” “You already had some, didn’t you? T_T” “Nyoro~n! :3” oh god I love this – it’s simple and stupid but it WORKS

7:36 PM “Hey taxi :D” Aww.. Churuya’s a midget!

7:36 PM Seatbelt fail :(

7:37 PM “You know how to make Smoked Cheese? :D” “Google it T_T”

7:37 PM Nagatochhi time :D

7:37 PM “Are there any books about Smoked Cheese?” “I wonder -_-” “Nyoro~n :3”

7:37 PM …That was short o_o

7:37 PM Ah.. 2 minutes

7:37 PM Episode 2 start :D

7:38 PM With Janken to decide trash duties.

7:38 PM Janken fail, nyoro~n

7:38 PM Fire drill time – Churuya gets to burn to death >_> wat

7:39 PM “Will you play with me? :D” “that’s impossible” playtime fail.

7:39 PM Nyoro~n…

7:39 PM Alright! Googlin’ the smoked cheese! … or not. :( Google Fail

7:40 PM “I call Smoked cheese smochee :D” aww – you melt my heart with your idiocy, Churuya.

7:41 PM Switching gears now – I could easily watch Churuya all the way through at this pace, but… I want to get something done on Haruhi-chan too

7:42 PM Haruhi-chan is go :D MAGNET POWER!

7:42 PM Have to wonder if this OP will be half of the entire episode.

7:43 PM It’s 1 minute fully. Fun, but… for a short show? Maybe a bit much

7:43 PM Ouchie.. open with Haruhi getting face smashed

7:44 PM And on to Kyon… who got his ass beat by his sister. Angry for not getting the phone? #KyonKunDenwa

7:44 PM “Did you have you have fun without me, DEATH-u ne? T_T”

7:44 PM Pissed sister is pissed.

7:45 PM And dead cat is dead :( Poor Kyon

7:45 PM Hah :D Kyon counting sheep… it’s Mikuru being chased by Haruhi dog… who are surprisingly self-aware o_o

7:46 PM XD Awesome. Mikuru sheep torture to get him to sleep. epic

7:46 PM And now Kyon’s dreaming. “I’m sorry, Miss Sheep… I fell asleep. :(”

7:46 PM Koizumi :D

7:46 PM Spreading spoilers no less XD Epic

7:47 PM “I’ll be sure to make you happy! *sparkle*” “T_T”

7:47 PM Kyon went colossus on poor Koizumi… wtf

7:48 PM This is a bit messed up… in a good way

7:48 PM Hah :D Koizumi just floats along

7:48 PM And Tsuruya is a uh… crane hawk?

7:48 PM Nyoro~n?

7:48 PM …Apparently, Mt. Fuji carries a cell phone

7:49 PM And Nagato’s a cell phone charm… wtf

7:49 PM “Wake me up :D” “We can’t. :3” uhh…

7:49 PM Aww… full circle XD Haruhi beating the shit out of Mikuru so Kyon can sleep

7:50 PM “Happy new year :D” -episode end- … … … WTF Japan

7:50 PM Srsly – this is beyond fucked up at times.

7:51 PM Episode 2 is go

7:51 PM And Kyon is at the brigade office… where Haruhi’s bored. :D And… she fell down the stairs. owie o_o

7:51 PM -door opens- “Someone’s here :D” -door closes-

7:52 PM …and Mikuru raep noises. >_>

7:52 PM …Nagato enjoys H-games. Go fig.

7:52 PM “Wanna play together?” …uhhh… ‘_’

7:53 PM Off to Asakura… who wants to murder Kyon… and gets faced by Nagato. ow. :(

7:53 PM Long speech and episode end… Wat

7:53 PM Episode 3 is go

7:54 PM And Mikuru’s in :D

7:54 PM “Agyaaaaaaa~ :O” moment ftw

7:54 PM Variety hour with Haruhi and gang is go :D epic

7:55 PM “And him T_T” Poor Kyon doesn’t even get introduced

7:55 PM “Shuddup, Kyon T_T” Evil glare Haruhi ftw

7:55 PM “What’s the name of that dog :D” uh… k?

7:55 PM Aya’s doing her Konata voice in this episode – it fits surprisingly well given the situation

7:56 PM “The answer is GONZALES :D”

7:56 PM Awww :> Mikuru being cute ftw

7:56 PM All while gruesome stuff happens in the background XD haha

7:56 PM Ohp – Kyon’s dead… or not

7:57 PM And end.

7:57 PM OK… to be fair, one more Churuya so we make it 3 and 3

7:58 PM Opens with Harunyan?

7:58 PM “We’re gonna look for Myterious things today T_T” Apparently, Churuya counts as a mysterious thing. :( nyoro~n

7:58 PM Baseball time… And Churuya shows fail

7:58 PM Flyer handout fail

7:59 PM nyoro~n

7:59 PM Vacation fail too :(

7:59 PM Now I’m feeling bad for her.

7:59 PM Cherry blossom spot finding :D “They’re not in bloom” “We’re not going :D”

8:00 PM And what REALLY happened to lead Haruhi to get the PC – fun

8:00 PM Nobody wants poor Churuya.

8:00 PM Game challenge go! Churuya-san’s Adventure!

8:00 PM And she’s sent to a cave. Nyoro~n. :3

8:01 PM And credits.

8:01 PM Phew! that was a workout and a half to keep up with!

8:01 PM The verdict? If you enjoy Haruhi or, well.. stupid humor in general, you’ll enjoy this.

8:02 PM Lots of nods to the original (and best) show, and tons of visual humor for those who don’t care for the usual Haruhi.

8:02 PM As of right now, it’s only available on [email protected]’s store, but I do recommend it.