By now, the news has already circulated that Starz is working on a live-action adaptation of Noir. Evil Dead masterminds Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert, as well as House of Saddam producer Steve Lightfoot were reportedly tapped as executive producers. From my observations, reactions have been a mix that range from excitement to abject horror. Personally, I see this as a potentially great thing.

I’d like to take this opportunity to admit that I personally wasn’t a fan of the original Noir. I’ll be the first to admit that the animation was gorgeous and the music was amazing. Still, the title seemed to suffer from the same problems exhibited by every Bee Train show. Namely, the pacing was awkward, the characters were boring, and the writing just meandered aimlessly. Personal gripes aside, I’m still looking forward to this adaptation, since all three announced parties proved that they could turn potential trash into cinematic treasure (Except Spider-Man 3… what were they thinking?!).

On a larger scale, this could cause a degree of fresh enthusiasm. While the chances are slim, we may see some secondary interest generated by the series, much like we’ve seen with other “adapted” works like True Blood, Dexter, and the like. However, this is assuming the show gains traction and popularity. Right now though, it’s a bit too early for predictions and pipe dreams. Until more details come about, I’ll just keep following the show’s development and hope for the best.