The content of this piece was written during a viewing of the first episode of Persona: Trinity Soul on November 6, 2010. Edits have been made for spelling and grammar, but the rest is completely untouched, and un-edited from its original format.

Stylistically, this feels more like old-school Persona than new-school, and that’s fine by me. Also, Jun is apparently a male character. He just looks, talks, and sounds like a girl. Whoops!

4:40 PM: Hi, everyone. It’s time for another showblog.

4:41 PM: Today’s feature rounds out [email protected] week with Persona: Trinity Soul.

4:41 PM: This series is loosely based on Atlus‘s Persona 3. As someone that wasn’t thrilled by the last two games, I expect a degree of mediocrity.

4:41 PM: But enough about that. I’d like to get the basic information out of the way before we get going.

4:41 PM: Directed by Jun Matsumoto (Senko no Night Raid)

4:41 PM: Character Designs by Yuriko Ishii

4:41 PM: Taku Iwasaki (Angel Heart, Black Cat, Gurren Lagann, Witch Hunter Robin)

4:41 PM: Animation Production: A-1 Pictures (Birdy the Mighty: Decode, Kannagi, Valkyria Chronicles)

4:41 PM: Opening Theme: Breakin’ Through by Shuhei Kita

4:42 PM: Ending Theme: Suicides Love Story by Nana Kitade

4:42 PM: Now, let’s get started. :)

4:43 PM: Opens to a girl… in water? drowning?

4:43 PM: While opera music plays, she points up at the surface. wat

4:43 PM: Shit’s goin’ down already. They’re sending the sub in .

4:44 PM: And out comes a detective? Calls himself Kanzato

4:44 PM: In the sub, they find: a half eaten sammich, equipment, and… no person

4:45 PM: “Please remain outside to preserve the scene T_T” I found our serious one :3

4:45 PM: “Are you there? :o” …huh? >->

4:45 PM: Opening credits – generic rock is go

4:46 PM: Wonder if we’ll see Philemon or Virgil in this…

4:47 PM: Philemon in particular would make me happy :D He was badass.

4:47 PM: And the show’s starting with… a guy sitting in a plane?

4:47 PM: “That scared me o_o” Apparently, his neighbor’s noticed this is a common tend

4:48 PM: “I was fighting for my life in my dream :D” “The dream where you transform? :o” …wat

4:48 PM: “I bet you’re just tired :D” or crazy

4:48 PM: “Auntie got a boyfriend :D” wat?

4:48 PM: That was a flimsy excuse for a plot

4:49 PM: And the two are waiting at the airport, talking about their supposed ride >_>

4:49 PM: From the sound of things, they’re related to the local police chief… or something. Yeah, they’ll be waiting a while >_>

4:50 PM: “The three of us are the only family we’ve got.” “A family who doesn’t know each other’s cellphone numbers :D” Oh snap

4:51 PM: And back to attractive cop man… who’s talking about Reverses… or something >_> I dunno

4:51 PM: And “A Latents” which may be important?

4:51 PM: “I finished the autopsy of another Reverse :D” What’s a reverse, then? >_>

4:52 PM: …Oh. ‘_’ “They’re turned perfectly inside-out like worn and discarded clothes :D” … ew :|

4:53 PM: “They were only high schoolers D:” So ah… that makes it weirder. Could be cults, perverts, or crazy demons

4:53 PM: Back to the kids… who got stuck walking. Poor kids. :|

4:54 PM: “I remember the house being bigger :D” Everyone does.

4:54 PM: Kanzato likes frogs. Fun fact

4:54 PM: Hah. Kanzato changed the lock on ’em

4:54 PM: “The forest is still here :D” …kay?

4:54 PM: The sight of a forest in winter… it’s as awesome as it is lonesome

4:55 PM: Looks like this bears some memories. They’re reminiscing.

4:55 PM: Apparently, the girl has… had? a twin sister. Interesting

4:56 PM: “He was quite protective of you :D” …OK?

4:56 PM: And now Kanzato’s looking up the Reverses… we get glimpse which is creepy ‘_’

4:56 PM: “CHIEF! EEEEAAAAAGH D:” …wat?

4:57 PM: Looks like he got maimed… or something

4:58 PM: Talking about Apathy Syndrome now – fun.

4:58 PM: That was correlated to the appearance of shadows in Persona 3, if I remember right

4:59 PM: Shit’s gon’ get real, it seems.

4:59 PM: And off our intrepid chief goes

4:59 PM: With some bad rock-rap music. -shakes fist- DAMN YOU MEGURO AND YOUR INFLUENCE D:

4:59 PM: And eyecatch.

5:00 PM: Mid-show analysis: So far, I’m digging this. :) It’s a much more subdued, more sedate story so far than recent Persona fare.

5:01 PM: It’s not overboard on crazy details (yet), and most of the dialogue is well-written.

5:01 PM: The character designs work well, and the animation and landscapes are great.

5:01 PM: Anyway, on with the show.

5:02 PM: Looks like the high schoolers (names: Shin and Jun) are at some restaurant

5:02 PM: And they’re debating how to talk to their relative

5:04 PM: Background music has a track from P3 – fun

5:04 PM: And a drunken girl tries to smack her… boyfriend? And leaves, pissed.

5:05 PM: Looks like Shin’s got a strong imagination – he’s drawing Personas. :o

5:05 PM: And it cuts to a rape. WTF Japan T_T

5:05 PM: While some guy drools and watches.


5:06 PM: …And he’s raping her mind? wtf.

5:06 PM: Kanzato’s on the chase… and he be wieldin’ a Persona

5:06 PM: Have to admit – the persona fight is pretty impressive so far.

5:07 PM: Very well animated, lots of action, and not really superfluous… well, OK. Some overboard stuff…

5:07 PM: Like the giant leap off the building they just took XD

5:08 PM: …What a good cover-up. “I’m out of here T_T” basicaly

5:08 PM: Looks like Jun and Shin came across a fortune teller

5:08 PM: …Virgil?

5:08 PM: “We once met in a Velvet Room :D” yep. Virgil

5:09 PM: And he’s wearing a mask.

5:09 PM: THERE’S that long-nosed bastard! :D

5:09 PM: Looks like they fell asleep outside the house. >_> How convenient…

5:09 PM: And Kanzato hid a key… under the frog’s hat. D: THAT’S THE LAST PLACE I’D LOOK

5:10 PM: Apparently, Kanzato’s the two kids’ older brother

5:10 PM: And the combination was the birthdays of Yuki and Shin. Again surprisingly simple >_>

5:11 PM: “You know how to use the bath, right? :D” “if it hasn’t changed. :D” “I didn’t put a lock on it T_T” Burn! :3

5:11 PM: And Shin’s pissed that, well… his brother is serious and stressed, I guess.

5:12 PM: Looks like Shin’s making Persona statues now, too >_> And there’s one of Virgil. how convenient

5:12 PM: And Jun is staring at a kid’s dress? ‘-‘

5:12 PM: I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

5:13 PM: And out goes Shin… before Kanzato stops him.

5:13 PM: …Jun has issues… she’s talking in plurals. >_>

5:13 PM: And Jun’s looking for Virgil, I guess.

5:14 PM: Sound is heard: it’s just a drug addict.

5:14 PM: “Are you all ri- :O” Magic rapeman is back!

5:15 PM: And out comes… Persona! Of course it is.

5:15 PM: And the persona killed the magic rapeman. See? Rapists never win :D

5:15 PM: And the rapist seems relieved.

5:15 PM: “It’s gone :o” and credits.

5:16 PM: Verdict: I am genuinely enjoying this. I came into it expecting some campy, over-the-top show with a tone like Persona 3’s

5:17 PM: But instead, it’s more sedate, more intense, and plays heavily off the demonic aspects you saw in the original games.

5:17 PM: I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

Persona: Trinity Soul is currently licensed for distribution by NIS America.
The series can be purchased at Right Stuf.