Part of my daily life for the past seven years or so, has been to go through dozens of news sources, press releases, and correspondence letters to find daily content that is important, or possibly interesting to readers. It’s mundane, it’s monotonous, and frankly, it’s not always rewarding to have to dreg through dozens, if not hundreds of stories a year to find relevant or interesting material that gets outdated in a matter of hours.

Still, I love every minute of it.

The daily news fascinates me, in a sense that even the most mundane of topics, be it some random topic like a new trailer hitting the net, or those huge industry-shaking events, such as ADV’s closure and liquidation. Every tidbit, every new item has some story to tell and a past behind it that may or may not be worth looking into. After a while, it turns into almost an obsession in itself.

Frankly, if I were to quit AD tomorrow (I’m not! Don’t worry, Matt!), I’d probably still turn to ANN, the PR feeds, and the AoD forums. At this point, I’m in too deep. It’s too fun, too addictive to stop. It’s actually part of why I began the “On this Day…” posts, to be honest. Truly fascinating things have occurred five, ten, even fifteen years ago that most people can’t help but ignore. The 15th anniversary of Ghost in the Shell came and went with little fanfare, little recognition, just three days ago. While it’s not perfect, I’d love to spark some interest in our hobby’s past, as well as our future.

I’m a reporter, a historian, and a fan. I’m hoping that you, my readers and friends, can come to find the same joy in the news, both recent and past, that I’ve found. So long as there’s an industry to talk about, I’ll be here to report. Until that day comes, thanks for being here, reading, or just simply passing through.