This still stands as one of my favorite Christmas specials ever. Not just anime, but Christmas in general. White Christmas is unlike a lot of the rest of the Tylor line. There’s no large-scale destruction, no comical idiocy, and no real attempt at going over-the-top. Instead, the episode is sweet, simple, and subdued.

The episode focuses on Tylor and Yuriko, who are in the middle of a bit of holiday downtime. Tylor finally managed to earn what he’d been trying to get since day one: a special night with the lovely Yuriko Star. Yuriko went overboard to make sure everything was perfect, from her hair, to her makeup, to the Christmas present. Tylor, well… Tylor was being Tylor. As he starts out on his way, Tylor ends up picking up a follower, in a bratty young kid named Bob. From there, Tylor’s situation continues to worsen, and the chances of a magical Christmas evening seem to get further away, as he is roped into troublesome situation to another. However, he manages to remain cheerful through the experience, and even goes as far as to re-connect a troubled family, despite the ticking timer that seems to loom overhead.

There really isn’t a lot more to it, honestly. There are a few gorgeous scenes on the whole, but the magic is really in the characters. Seeing Yuriko’s softer side come to the surface was particularly refreshing, especially in contrast to her often irritable front, and the quieter overall atmosphere really sold the show.

Unlike most anime shows, White Christmas’s holiday theme isn’t the typical shoddy cliche, or some excuse to get boobs in a santa dress. They’re not selling Christmas cakes or toys, or crazy character imagery. Instead, Tylor embodies the spirit of Christmas, family, and togetherness in a touching 30 minute dose.