Sunrise revealed today that they are working on a new anime series, titled Tiger & Bunny. I’ve heard little more than the name and a few members of the staff, but I’m already excited.

Sunrise has always had a stellar record of quality titles through its 38-year history. Outside of Gundam, the company seems to be a hit factory. From VOTOMS, to City Hunter, to Crest of the Stars, to Patlabor, the company has seen very few missteps. I won’t dare say that they’ve been a perfect company – Victory Gundam and Ronin Warriors are proof that they can, and sometimes do churn out dreck from time to time. However, the company’s overall track record has me more comfortable than worried.

The staff seems solid, with Keiichi Satou, who directed Karas and filled production positions in a number of excellent titles, at the helm. DNA2 and Video Girl Ai creator Masakazu Katsura is the show’s character designer, which is both reassuring and interesting. ANN notes that he is a fan of western comics, so hopefully that influence will creep over to the series.

Of course, the show is still five months away, so it’s possible that we could see this be one of Sunrise’s rare disappointments. Still, until it happens, I can’t help but remain optomistic.