ANN is reporting that K-On broke the 500,000 copies sold barrier. For an anime title, this is beyond impressive. Few title crack 100,000, let alone 500,000, and the popularity of the series just seems to go on forever.

It’s not the best-selling title on the market in terms of raw numbers – One Piece cleared a million discs in September. However, for a show with only seven volumes, that’s beyond phenomenal. This is even more impressive when you calculate that all but 81,000 of those sales were the Blu-Ray version.

K-On!! hasn’t hit DVD yet, nor has the movie. Still, with the rate the show is going, I could easily see it passing a million before the show’s final volume hits. In the US, though, I don’t foresee such a warm reception. For better or worse, Moe doesn’t have the same selling power on our side of the pond. That doesn’t even factor in the market’s overall aversion to Bandai‘s release formats.Still, I wish them well in releasing the show in America.

Also, I’d like to extend an extra-special congrats to KyoAni for the achievement. Here’s to 500,000 more!