Since today is Thanksgiving, I’d like to extend my thanks to a few people.

Thanks to Matt, Ben, and the rest of the AD crew. For eight years now, you’ve all been like family to me.

Thanks to my employer, who keeps me in a job I love.

Thanks to the folks at AD’s corporate partners, for being nothing short of awesome in this turbulent year

Thanks to the folks on Twitter – there are far too many to list – for giving constructive criticism and a good kick in the pants when needed, and numerous excellent conversations.

And, thanks to you, my readers, for sticking with this blog for the past few months. I hope you stick with things here as the days go on, and that you continue to enjoy the content you read.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving, everybody (if you’re not in the US, have a happy Thursday). I’ll have a full blog post tomorrow. :)