The content of this piece was written during a viewing of the first episode of Sekirei on November 11, 2010. Edits have been made for spelling and grammar, but the rest is completely untouched, and un-edited from its original format.

The Pimp CEO saves this from being an absolute chore to watch. However, I’m still not exactly thrilled about it.

3:40 PM: Good afternoon, everyone. Welcome to another showblog!

3:40 PM: Today’s feature is [email protected]’s release of Sekirei.

3:40 PM: From a first look, this is probably a paint-by-numbers fanservice show.

3:40 PM: However, [email protected] recommended it, so I’ll give it a shot. :D

3:40 PM: Before I begin, I’ll just list off the usual basic information.

3:40 PM: Directed by Keizou Kusakawa (Inukami!, Asura Cryin’)

3:41 PM: Music by Hiroaki Sano (D.Gray-Man, Honey and Clover, Tatami Galaxy)

3:41 PM: Animated by Seven Arcs (Inukami!, White Album, Asura Cryin’)

3:41 PM: Opening theme: Sekirei by Saori Hayami, Marina Inoue, Kana Hanazawa, and Aya Endo

3:41 PM: Ending theme: Dear Sweet Heart by Saori Hayami, Marina Inoue, Kana Hanazawa, and Aya Endo

3:41 PM: And I’ve wasted enough time. Let’s get started, shall we?

3:42 PM: Opens to a corridor with gunfire… and a bulletproof lady.

3:43 PM: Kill count: 3

3:43 PM: “They’re not human D:” Then what are they? T_T Cyborgs?

3:43 PM: “Fire! D:” Yeah… cuz THAT is working so well

3:44 PM: And Killer Girl grabs… a kid? wat

3:44 PM: “You didn’t stop me, so I killed all of ’em :3” uhh… ‘_’ wat.

3:44 PM: Kill count: At least 4 dozen

3:45 PM: Looks like there’s 3 of ’em. And that’s all we know >_> Fun.

3:45 PM: Wow. this opening screams 1995.

3:46 PM: Screams RED Company 1995, actually. This is something that’d be at home in Moeyo Ken or Thousand Arms… for better or worse :P

3:46 PM: And the show starts… in 2020 :D Go figure. In 2020, homicidal cyborg ninjas inhabit our world.

3:47 PM: And we’ve got college entrance exam results? Lemme guess… our intrepid, useless male lead didn’t make the cut T_T

3:47 PM: …yep.

3:48 PM: Newscast on TV – apparently, in the future, all CEOs look like pimps.

3:49 PM: Wow, this is cliche.

3:49 PM: “I failed, even though I came to the city to get the big life, I can’t find a girlfriend. D:” lemme guess

3:49 PM: Girl falls in his lap now? :D

3:49 PM: Explosion… and yep :D

3:50 PM: Ass shot count: 1

3:50 PM: Our main character seems surprised… and ninja girl is upset.

3:50 PM: “You caught me, didn’t you? :3” In at least one way.

3:50 PM: Boob squishes: 2

3:51 PM: “Fight with us T_T” FACT: Assassins in the future will be Roppongi rejects

3:51 PM: And now they run… the main character seems less than thrilled.

3:51 PM: Waking up :D

3:51 PM: Boob squish: 3

3:51 PM: He seems shocked.

3:52 PM: Like he never had a girl in his room before… wait a minute..

3:52 PM: Now she’s waking up.

3:52 PM: “Good morning :D” She seems unfazed… and is undressing right in front of a horny 19 year old. #Hurr

3:53 PM: Holy shit… those breasts are bigger than her head! D: It’s like Eiken all over again!

3:53 PM: Main character is nosebleeding, poor girl is clueless

3:53 PM: Main character has a name: Minato.

3:53 PM: “B-b-b-boobs :o”

3:54 PM: Aww… poor girl seems genuinely apologetic.

3:54 PM: And she has a name – Musubi

3:54 PM: Boobsquish – 4

3:54 PM: And she passes out. >___>

3:54 PM: …And eats a lot. She’s like the archetypical female lead in every goddamn harem show ever XD

3:55 PM: Aww D: sad eyes coupled with face fulla McDonald’s

3:55 PM: “All those zips and zaps :o” Very descriptive, Minato… no wonder why you failed out of college T_T

3:55 PM: And she’s a bum – CONVENIENT! :D

3:57 PM: “Let me stay tonight D:” uh.. no brainer? :p

3:57 PM: WTF is an Ashikabi?

3:57 PM: Ohhh… master.. or equivalent.

3:57 PM: And he copped a feel

3:58 PM: Hah :D Minato’s landlord is like Mr. Roper in Japan

3:58 PM: “This apartment is just for singles T____T” what an asshole.

3:58 PM: And she’s finished changing.

3:58 PM: “Was I… lacking modesty?” Yes. >_>

3:58 PM: “I was happy :3” Oh, you.

3:58 PM: Perverted 19 year old is perverted.

3:59 PM: More forced attempts to be cute – “I’m hungry ;.;”

3:59 PM: Bitch can eat o_o

3:59 PM: “Let me cook dinner :D” She can’t cook, I bet

4:00 PM: Off to the bank, Minato goes.

4:00 PM: And those two Roppongi rejects are working? wtf.

4:00 PM: Handing out balloon?

4:01 PM: “You’re yesterday’s S&M Costume ladies ;-;” Perceptive, I see

4:01 PM: Fight is go! And… Musubi’s clothes are blown off. >_>

4:01 PM: Now she looks like a hooker, too D:

4:02 PM: Eyecatch!

4:02 PM: And back to the Roppongi Rejects trying to kill Musubi – Minato jumped in to save the day.

4:02 PM: “If you do anything to her, I’ll D:” die.

4:03 PM: And Musubi’s getting… I dunno. She’s panting and all red o_o

4:03 PM: And off they go again.

4:03 PM: Down the alley they go, and the battle hookers are off on patrol.

4:03 PM: Musubi seems flush… this is turning into bad hentai now D:

4:04 PM: “what should I do? ;-; My body is… getting HOT D:” bad hentai indeed!

4:04 PM: Boobsquish: 5

4:04 PM: And they’re cockblocked by the Roppongi sisters

4:04 PM: Or not. Musubi’s going for some action.

4:05 PM: And she’s glowing, sprouting wings, and moaning orgasmically >_> wtf Japan

4:05 PM: “Would you die, so we feel better? :D” Please do!

4:05 PM: And Musubi’s gonna kick some ass, it seems.

4:05 PM: Yep – ass-whupping is go.

4:06 PM: Fight scenes are filled with seizuriffic flashing lights.

4:06 PM: And the sisters run away. “We lost our jobs ;.;” aw.

4:07 PM: Looks like some ninja guy is their boss… or something

4:07 PM: “What we’re doing is a battle royale staged in this city :D” How expository

4:07 PM: And Musubi’s in normal clothes now, it seems.

4:07 PM: “We are… Sekireis :D” wut

4:08 PM: Poor Minato – his sister’s mocking him about college… and he’s asking HER for her clothes. >_> Creepy

4:08 PM: “You’re completely tainted by urban life :3” That’s one way of putting it XD

4:09 PM: And Musubi’s cooking… pantsless. wat.

4:09 PM: “It feels unreal :D” It’s unreal, alright.

4:09 PM: PIMP CEO >:o

4:09 PM: And he’s mocking Minato through the TV. Poor guy can’t win.

4:10 PM: And he’s talking about the Sekirei Plan… thing.

4:10 PM: Basically, it’s a Fight Club on a huge scale

4:10 PM: Or something

4:10 PM: “This is highly secret :D”

4:10 PM: Of course.

4:11 PM: I like him.

4:11 PM: MBI (the organizers of this Sekirei thing) know where he lives o_o And they have a package :o

4:12 PM: That’s a nice package. :D

4:12 PM: And inside, it’s new battle clothes.

4:12 PM: And she’s undressing in front of him again. >_>

4:12 PM: “I will fight for Minato-san :D” That’s nice

4:12 PM: Mr. Roper’s back! :O

4:12 PM: And he kicked the poor two out. D: Too bad. He could’ve been funny

4:13 PM: Trying to find an apartment sucks in Japan, apparently

4:13 PM: 30 turn-downs. Eesh

4:13 PM: And it’s raining, natch. >_>

4:14 PM: Oh boy… Minato’s angsting and saying he’s not good enough for her.

4:14 PM: That may be true, but still…

4:14 PM: “I like you, Minato-san :D” …That always ends up the answer

4:15 PM: Kiss is go.

4:15 PM: “I can do anything you wish for :D” …kay?

4:15 PM: Bitch be glowin’ now.

4:15 PM: And they’re whisked up in a tornado? wat.

4:16 PM: Pimp CEO narrating the premise now.

4:16 PM: “Now, let’ begin, the new legend… a lovely war Chronicle, a MIRACULOUS LOVE STORY :O” He’s like an adult Taishi :D

4:17 PM: And they end on a really sweet note.

4:18 PM: Verdict: Frankly, I’m torn. On one hand, the plot, the premise, and most of the cast are borderline stupid.

4:18 PM: However, Pimp CEO and the action scenes are both great. So… hm…

Sekirei is available in America through FUNimation.

The series can be purchased at Right Stuf.