It's badass, but can it fare well in the west this time?

Earlier today, Media Blasters announced that they acquired the domestic rights to the upcoming Mazinkaizer SKL OVA. The three-episode OVA is currently slated for a May release in the states. While I’m personally excited about this announcement as a fan, my thoughts on the business logic behind the decision leave me feeling less hopeful.

I won’t lie – I love a good giant robot show. I also love Go Nagai’s work. However, the broader western market has different opinions on this particular combination. Media Blasters’s Meredith Mulroney is usually pretty open to admitting that their last (huge) attempt at a giant robo show, GaoGaiGar, was a sales flop. And Go Nagai, as awesome as his over-the-top antics are, just doesn’t move in the US. Cutey Honey, Devilman, and Getter Robo are names that are familiar to many fans, but they certainly aren’t the marketable brands that one would hope. In an ANNcast last year, former Geneon marketing head Chad Kime was quick to quip that “all of two” copies of Demon Lord Dante sold. While this is clearly an exaggeration, one can easily figure that the show was a retail failure.

So, Mazinkaiser has two strikes against it already. Still, the idealist in me hopes that the show will sell at least decently. Unfortunately, the realist says that my inner idealist is a moron.

Regardless, I’ll be picking the show up on day one. The trailer already has me sold.

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