FUNimation is boasting that they sold out of their first run of Sekirei. As a fan, my heart bleeds… but as a reporter and industry watcher, I am encouraged by the news.

The fact that the show both sold out, and made #1 on Nielsen’s VideoScan First Alert for last week, shows that there is a commercial interest in the genre, and the content. It also shows that there is some growing commercial interest in the market, which has seen rough waters lately after being plagued by piracy, fan outrage, and a deep recession. I’d love to see hard numbers on this, since a week-one total sellout is rare in this climate. I really hope this trend continues going forward. I’d love to see anime grow more commercially viable as a product again, and I’d love to be able to report on anime news that isn’t loaded with doom and gloom once again.

As a fan, I do have to question the appeal of this show. I wasn’t thriled with the series, as those who read my impressions know. If I recall, I called the show “borderline retarded”, with the only real redeeming factor being the show’s pimp-CEO character, who I have to admit was five different kinds of awesome. But, well… My opinions are mine, and whoever likes the show, definitely look into other shows of its ilk. There’s certainly plenty in the “fanservice action” category. Might I recommend Tenjho Tenge or Ikki Tousen?