It's tasty AND deadly!

This episode  is interesting in a few ways. First of all, it’s the series finale. Second, and more relevant, is the fact that the episode manages to tell an entire “Christmas miracle!” story in under three minutes. Well, sort of.

The episode opens with Rabi en Rose walking through crowds of people, completely down in the dumps. She’s alone for the holidays, and everyone around her is fully immersed in the Christmas spirit. Dejiko, meanwhile, is busy in her room slaving away, to make an extra-special Christmas cake! Since everyone knows that Dejiko is a sadistic bitch, it’s no surprise when she eagerly announces that the cake is really a bomb made to blow up her rival. Meanwhile, all of the Gamers regulars are on their way to the store, to celebrate the holiday with everyone’s favorite shopkeepers.

Dejiko brings the gift that keeps on giving - doom!

At the shop, Rabi is presented with the cakebomb, which she eagerly accepts before hurrying out the door. It’s at this point that Dejiko finally grows a conscience, as guilt paralyzes her As everyone arrives at Gamers, Usada has the brilliant idea to bring the cake back to share with her customers and friends at the store. At this point, Dejiko is racked with guilt, and confesses to the whole plot, just as her favorite rival bursts in with the cake. Teary hugs are had, and reconciliations are made, as Puchiko lights the fuse – dooming everyone in the building to a bitter, fiery grave as people dance around the smoldering remains.

Despite the short length, Usada Explodes stands as one of the most charming Christmas specials on the market. The episode is loaded with fun visual gags, and lots of dark humor. The Christmas imagery is prevalent, despite the show’s low budget, as the a few members of the cast dress for the occasion (the Bukimi duo and Henna Ikimono, that creepy bear thing, sport Holiday duds), and Christmas music is pumped through the background.

Note: For the curious, DiGi Charat got a run in the US as one of Synch Point’s last titles. The Standard Edition can usually be found for around $15 on Amazon.