The content of this piece was written during a viewing of Rescue Me, Mave-chan on December 9, 2010. Edits have been made for spelling and grammar, but the rest is completely untouched, and un-edited from its original format.

Thanks to everybody that’s enjoyed these features for the past year! Here’s to many more, going forward!

8:41 PM: Good evening everyone, and welcome to a very special showblog!

8:41 PM: A little over a year ago, my first installment hit in an impromptu bitch session over Magikano. ^_^;;

8:42 PM: Oh god, was it terrible.

8:42 PM: I mean REALLY terrible.

8:42 PM: But anyway, that fateful night led to this Showblog format so ah… thank you, crime against anime!

8:42 PM: Anyway, a special night like this deserves a show that can, and probably WILL make me squirm a bit.

8:42 PM: Tonight it’s the OVA nobody wanted – Fighting Fairy Girl: Rescue Me, Mave-chan!

8:43 PM: So before I begin, I’d like to get the essentials out of the way.

8:43 PM: Directed by Takeshi Mori (Gunsmith Cats, Melty Lancer, Otaku no Video)

8:43 PM: Created by Chohei Kanbayashi (Yukikaze)

8:43 PM: Character Designs by Naoko Nakamoto (Shrine of the Morning Mist)

8:43 PM: Animation by Studio Fantasia (Agent Aika, Najica, Stratos 4)

8:43 PM: Co-Production between Gonzo and Bandai Visual

8:44 PM: Anyway, I’ve wasted enough time… it’s time to face the music!

8:45 PM: And we open with a train. With some kid on it. >_> Who’s rambling about a DVD…

8:45 PM: He won SOMETHING Stratos-4 related.

8:46 PM: And he’s bitching about going alone. For cripes sake, just go – have fun, ya wuss.

8:46 PM: “I don’t have a lot of street smarts :D” …greeeeat. -_-

8:46 PM: “I was so nervous about my middle school class trip that I got a fever :D” … … … callin’ it now – this kid is wuss incarnate.

8:47 PM: Hah :D He’s got a Gamecube. I wonder if that’s saying he likes Nintendo, or he always picks losers? The latter = boo, the former = yay.

8:48 PM: “I was sick of how I fear every little thing T_T” Yeah… that’s why you watch anime… Surpriiiiise~

8:48 PM: Jesus – he’s acting like he’s going to freaking America. He’s just going to a damn anime con

8:48 PM: Holy shit, he’s nerdier than I am! D:

8:49 PM: And he’s in heaven… before being pushed over by some bigger people :D #RealityIsFun

8:49 PM: …He’s being romantic about a gathering of yellling, angry people. Wait…

8:50 PM: Uh oh… he’s freaking out. >_> 2 minutes – that’s a new record

8:50 PM: And now he walks into the men’s room… or rather… into a desert? #wtfJapan

8:50 PM: Holy shit, it’s a Strike Witches reject XD

8:50 PM: Who wants this guy dead

8:51 PM: “Stranger… equals… ENEMY T_T” please kill him ‘_’


8:51 PM: Boy sees boobs for the first time, passes out. >_>

8:51 PM: “Mave-chan, you shouldn’t do that ;3” …No. No she should. Kill him so this thing ends

8:52 PM: Blue-haired girl is Yukikaze? >_> And she gets hot when she flies… no sir – no innuendo there

8:52 PM: “Where is this place? D:” I wanna know too -_-

8:53 PM: “I was sure you were a new character :D” …oh god it’s a perverted Roger Rabbit.

8:53 PM: Another flying girl with giant rack >_> what the hell.

8:54 PM: “He must have wandered in D:” clearly -_-

8:54 PM: We have a name – Rei Sugiyama. :D And Blue hair = Super Sylph, then new girl = Sylphid… shoot me now

8:55 PM: More flying girls? D: what the hell is going on here ‘_’

8:55 PM: “We are merely the products of the imaginations of anime fans :3” Ohhhh – he’s living out bad fanfiction :D

8:56 PM: “We were originally battle mecha :3” … … … riiiight

8:57 PM: “The desires and dreams of those who love anime gave us these forms! ^_^” …Right. Not the OTHER kind of things people write fanfics about.

8:57 PM: “AGH! MORE OF THEM D:” THANK YOU REI D: You summed up my opinions perfectly!

8:57 PM: Dear god this is terrible.

8:58 PM: ffs, just drop Rei from 10,000 feet and be done with it. D: Or let Mave-chan gut him with those giant knives. Either or works!

8:58 PM: Enemy is arrive… and he talks like a dirty old man

8:59 PM: So Sylph is a pacifist… of course! Why wouldn’t she be?

8:59 PM: And they’re flying. >_> “You’re ripping my arms off D:” GOOD

9:01 PM: blah blah we can only exist due to fan favoritism, blah blah new show kills us.

9:01 PM: They should be dead 500 times over, then. -_- I don’t recall Yukikaze being huge at all

9:01 PM: “This is the era of mass-produced anime :3” Preach it, elf girl. -_- I miss the ’80s and ’90s anime periods.

9:02 PM: “Our world has begun to crumble D:” oh well :D

9:02 PM: So it looks like they’re going to die? >_>

9:03 PM: …Oh god this is awful. I mean… Fuck – this is like otaku-pander times a billion

9:04 PM: “It’s OK to be an outcast :D”

9:05 PM: “I’d always stayed away from anime ’cause it was for kids or certain adults :D” … Ironic, isn’t it? In the west fans say otherwise. :3

9:05 PM: Man, this kid is preachy T_T


9:06 PM: This is so horribly written.

9:07 PM: The next morning :D

9:07 PM: Hah – his friends are pissed :3

9:08 PM: …More flying segments… and bad stuff happens. >_>

9:08 PM: wtf… giant Emotion Moai head? O_o

9:08 PM: “Yet another weird thing appears. D:” Preach it…

9:09 PM: The enemy appears – The Forgetter. >_> wtf

9:09 PM: …he has a business card. ‘_’ What the fuck is wrong with this show?! D:

9:10 PM: “Seeing you all get tortured is kind of a turn-on :3” What the HELL am I watching?! ;-;

9:11 PM: Wow… brazen >_> moe Eva and Brain Powerd mech.

9:12 PM: “It’s shrinking! ;-;” It can’t be coincidental that the gateway looks like a winky in this shot. -_- It just can’t.

9:13 PM: “I wanted to watch as you were all cast into oblivion by a fan :3” …Am I supposed to hate this guy? ‘-‘

9:13 PM: He’s the most likeable character so far.

9:13 PM: Ohp – they’re all vanishing. Sad end?

9:14 PM: And Rei runs like the wuss he is.

9:15 PM: Or not… everyone in reality has to watch now as Rei nerds out. >_>

9:15 PM: “EVEN IF EVERYONE ELSE FORGETS ABOUT YOU, I WON’T! D:” Devotion – that would be admirable if I liked this guy

9:16 PM: “You’ve given me strength! :3” “I love you, Rei! <3” …and this got creepy again -_-

9:17 PM: “You are SO totally pissin’ me off! T_T” Amen to that, Demon of Oblivion

9:17 PM: And like that, the best character is dead. >_>

9:18 PM: And Rei’s cryin… but he’s trapped in this sick fantasy world.

9:18 PM: “YOU HAVE CONTROL OUR FRIEND REI” Engrish is fun :D

9:18 PM: And ending… augh… just… AUGH!

9:18 PM: I’ve seen bad, but this is dire. This is freaking DRECK.

9:19 PM: Really, this makes Magikano look GOOD in comparison!

9:19 PM: The only really good thing about it is that there is only one freaking episode.

9:20 PM: This show is bad and I feel bad for having watched it. I want my half hour back, dammit.

9:22 PM: Anyway, I’m gonna go rage some. Thanks for joining me over this past year. :) I look forward to another fun year!

Rescue Me, Mave-chan was released in America by Bandai Entertainment.