As many know, I’m usually the person that’s up for anything when it comes to anime. In my years of being a fan, I’ve sat through and written about shows that are bad, shows that are terrible, and shows that are simply god-awful. I’ve even openly professed a love of bad anime. However, there are shows that I’d be happier if I never see again.

In particular, I keep a mental list of titles that particularly disturb me in one sense or another. These are titles that either disturb, or disgust to the point of revulsion. It’s a short list, with only two titles at this point, but it’s one I find important, as I silently hope and fear that I never have to add to it in the future. Tonight, I’d like to share this list with you, dear reader.

  • Elfen Lied: Call me a wuss, but animal cruelty is a definite no-no to me. Rip a person to a thousand pieces, or lay waste to a city, and I won’t mind. However, lay harm to a pet, and shit hits the fan. While the scene with Lucy’s dog was important to the plot, it just sickened me to the point of absolute disgust.
  • Koi Kaze: Frankly, a story about a 27 year old man that sexes up his teenage sister was bound to be disturbing. Romanticizing said story in a character drama just made it creepy. This one left me feeling dirty and a bit creeped out.
Frankly, these may not bother you, and you may even find them to be tame compared to some stuff out there (because, frankly, they are). However, there’s always some line that can’t be crossed somewhere.