Tonight, at 7:00 (Eastern), FUNimation will be hosting its fifth “FUNiCon” event. Funny enough, in all of my years of working the news beat, I’ve never had the chance to sit through one. This stems from other issues, such as work at the paying jobs and (at the time) college courses, so I’m looking forward to tonight’s event.

FUNimation is a company that I can’t help but find interesting. Despite being part of publishing giant Navarre, FUNimation maintains a good tie to their customer, and constantly tries to keep the enthusiasm running with events like this. They single-handedly brought anime pricing down to the levels we see now, and continually try to one-up themselves by releasing lines that appeal to the consumer, like SAVE or the Viridian lines, as well as satisfy the collector with their upcoming premium editions.

In regards to the event, I can’t help but be curious about what will be unveiled tonight. Last “FUNiCon,” FUNiCon 4.0 saw the announcement of Kaleido Star,Gantz, Peacemaker and Chrono Crusade. The one before that, FUNiCon 3.0, saw the announcement of Black Butler. So, it’s not a huge stretch to expect something cool to come from this.