This could be seen as a bit of a test run for the upcoming convention season. I’ve been toying with the idea of posting liveblogs of panels to the site when that comes around, and last night’s event was the perfect opportunity to try this out. As many already know, last night saw few major announcements, though we did get a confirmation of three new Eva 2.22 cast members. And, like any convention panel, Murphy’s Law reared its ugly head at the magic moment. Still, I hope everyone enjoys this brief writeup, and looks forward to the possibility of similar come Anime Boston.

7:21 PM: Ahh, reading comments from hyperactive fanboys/fangirls while a video stream laboriously chugs. It’s Mikkakan all over again. :P

7:39 PM: Concrete answer: Mushi-shi, Blue Gender not hitting Blu-Ray #FUNiCon

7:39 PM: Hetalia, Rin, Eden of the East, My Bride is a Mermaid, KenIchi, Pumpkin Sellers (SAVE), NHK (SAVE), Kanon (SAVE) selling well #FUNiCon

7:40 PM: Black Butler trailer – Twitter review going up to the Herald tomorrow. ;) #FUNiCon

7:48 PM: I like hearing that Pumpkin Scissors and Eden of the East did well. Bride is a Mermaid though… ehhh~ at least something’s making money. :P

7:50 PM: The audio dubbing chat is pretty fascinating. #FUNiCon

8:00 PM: Trailer time – FLCL #FuniCon

8:00 PM: Note to self: Buy FLCL on Blu in February

8:01 PM: Now they’re going over merch #FuniCon

8:06 PM: Damn… they went overboard on the Hetalia merch. It’s a cute show but… yowza. #FuniCon

8:08 PM: OK – the Germany With Beer and Sausage patch is fucking awesome :P #FuniCon

8:10 PM: Trailer time – Kamui Gaiden. #FuniCon

8:12 PM: Fans have some bearing on what FUNi picks up. Biggest proof: Hetalia #FUNiCon

8:13 PM: Acquisition slowdown: coming off a huge summer and good fall, but there are titles they’re keeping an eye on. #FUNiCon

8:14 PM: LE item for Black Butler box – it IS the box #FuniCon

8:17 PM: Thoughts on Censorship Bill: “Wait and see” #FUNiCon

8:18 PM: Will Digital Downloads replace DVD/Blu? – No! They supplement, but FUNi will do all media #FUNiCon

8:18 PM: Status on Shin-chan? More info coming in the next month or so, if not the next few days #FUNiCon

8:18 PM: That announcement makes me happy. :D

8:19 PM: CE Boxes: In stores or online only? They will be stocked in stores, as well as online. #FUNiCon

8:20 PM: How to stop illegal downloads: Keep purchasing anime, encouraging purchases, and sharing anime love. #FUNiCon

8:20 PM: Inform new fans that the illegal sites are indeed illegal, watch on legal sources. #FUNiCon

8:20 PM: Trailer Time – Eden of the East: King of Eden. #FUNiCon

8:21 PM: …Note to self – get Eden of the East movie on Blu in March.

8:22 PM: Shut up wallet, stop crying! D:

8:25 PM: Shodojo was just about done but they wanted to integrate it in the full FUNimation site – the ShoDojo design seemed “off”…

8:25 PM: …and they want to make sure it’s done right

8:25 PM: Chats with the Eva 2.22 crew #FUNiCon

8:30 PM: …crap. –; window crash. Didn’t miss much yet at least

8:36 PM: Tiffany Grant reprising Asuka in Eva 2.22 #FUNiCon

8:46 PM: Trina Nishimura to dub Mari in Eva 2.22 #FUNiCon

8:46 PM: Trailer Time – Eva 2.22 #FUNiCon

8:49 PM: And it looks like that’s it. #FUNiCon

8:50 PM: And people are pissed in the chat. That’s the sign of a good time, right there :D