The content of this piece was written during a viewing of the first episode of Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom on December 27, 2010. Edits have been made for spelling and grammar, but the rest is completely untouched, and un-edited from its original format.

Anyone who’s seen Noir already knows where this is going, so I’ll just shut up and let you enjoy the snarky commentary.

9:44 PM: Good evening, everyone. Welcome to the showblog – Northeastern Blizzard Edition!

9:44 PM: To those that don’t know, a winter storm tore across the northeast earlier today, leaving many people stranded at home.

9:44 PM: But anyway, tonight’s title is Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

9:45 PM: This is a Bee Train show, so it’ll look good, but the plot will probably be average to awful.

9:45 PM: Anyway, I’d like to get a few bits of basic info out before I go on.

9:45 PM: Directed by Koichi Mashimo (Noir, Madlax)

9:45 PM: Music by Hikaru Nanase (Galaxy Angel, Scrapped Princess) & Tatsuya Katou(Needless, Kämpfer)

9:46 PM: Created by Nitroplus (Blassreiter, Togainu no Chi)

9:46 PM: Animation by Bee Train (Noir, Avenger)

9:46 PM: Opening Theme Song: “Karma” by Kokia

9:46 PM: Ending Theme Song: “Gates of Hell” by Ali Project

9:46 PM: And, without further ado, let’s get this thing started!

9:46 PM: EYECATCH! wait… what? O_o

9:47 PM: Now we have a sexy man drinking champagne, and talking about a target named Frank Clar

9:47 PM: Clard, rather

9:48 PM: They talkers decided to send in specialists, it seems. “Their power becomes hellfire and burns hell to the ground. :D” …wat

9:48 PM: “We will burn our world from the ashes :3” cheerful AND sexy… great. >_>

9:49 PM: And now we have a guy driving a pink caddy and WHOA topless woman o_o

9:49 PM: Guards want the guy out of the car, and… they’re dead

9:49 PM: Mashimo can do a good action sequence. I have to hand it to him.

9:50 PM: Show starts with a bang and a gunfight.

9:50 PM: “I… kill.” oh boy… intelligent dialogue ahoy.

9:50 PM: Opening theme is pretty nice…

9:52 PM: “I’m gonna be killed D:” …uh… acid trip or flashback?

9:52 PM: And our charming male wakes up in a hospital gown? >_> wat

9:52 PM: “I don’t remember my name D:” OF COURSE NOT T_T

9:53 PM: Now he’s just a pretty face.

9:53 PM: Not even graceful either… tripped over his bag. >_>

9:53 PM: “Japanese? :O” …you’re SPEAKING Japanese, genius T_T

9:53 PM: “This is… me” No… it’s Ralph Nader -_-;

9:54 PM: Hah… startled by pipes

9:54 PM: And topless girl is meeting with her boss? She’s a bodyguard named Clo apparently.

9:55 PM: Oh… Clo is boob girl’s employer. Gotcha.

9:55 PM: Boob girl = Lizzie

9:55 PM: Hah… Clo drives like a maniac :D

9:55 PM: And apparently, people are watching Mr. Traveler… and calling him a “gem?” what is he? >_>

9:56 PM: “I may already be in hell.” No no, Clo – I’M in hell watching this.

9:56 PM: And Mr. Traveler’s escaping… fun

9:57 PM: “It’s time for you to appear, Phantom :3” …wat

9:58 PM: Wait… aren’t these the two in the shootout at the start? O_o why are they killing each other? D: WTF now

9:58 PM: Phantom – opening fire and wearing a badass mask… as she chases T-1000 style

9:58 PM: “If one relies on things like morals and kindless… that mean he is a weak human who has abandoned life. :3” Sure thing, Gendo

9:59 PM: Back to Clo… they’re apparently in a truck… fun

9:59 PM: Warehouse chase time is go.

10:00 PM: And Mr. Traveler snaps and finally fights back. :D

10:00 PM: Knife fight is go!

10:01 PM: That was disappointing. -_-;;; He didn’t even snap! He’s just whining about it now that he has a freaking knife!

10:01 PM: Argh!

10:01 PM: NOW we’ve got a knife fight!

10:02 PM: And he’s officially snapped… til he cuts off the mask >_> wat

10:03 PM: Mr. Traveler staring at an empty swing as the girl asks about freedom.

10:03 PM: Yay empty surrealism

10:04 PM: And Mr. Traveler walks away… like a boss

10:04 PM: “Where is this place? D:” …the desert, apparently.

10:05 PM: We have names! Mr. Traveler = Zwei (German for Two), assassin girl = Ein (One)

10:05 PM: “Your name is Zwei from today. :3 -tranq!-” She doesn’t take no for an answer >_>

10:06 PM: “You are me. I am you.” …suuuure he is

10:06 PM: And pimp scientists are back and chewing out Ein as they praise Zwei

10:07 PM: “Would he want that? :o” …does he have a choice?

10:07 PM: Apparently not.

10:07 PM: “This is mercy :3” Looks like he was five steps away from murdered. >_>

10:08 PM: Pimp Scientist = “Scythe Master”

10:08 PM: And he seems to want Clo dead.

10:08 PM: …Ein = fascinated by Zwei.

10:09 PM: “We are… ghosts that have no place to exist.” Oh boy – angst!

10:09 PM: Back to the mansion, now >_>

10:09 PM: Ein = good actress.

10:10 PM: “Who are you? D:” “Phantom :3” Target eliminated.

10:11 PM: And Scythe Master seems to be proud of them.

10:11 PM: Ohp… they’re dead O_o chopper exploded

10:11 PM: Well… THEY’RE not – but HE is.

10:12 PM: “His organization is done for :3” clearly.

10:12 PM: More chatter about this “new era from Mr. Sexy” >_>

10:12 PM: Who’s apparently in Vegas

10:13 PM: Lots of random people now.

10:13 PM: Color me unimpressed.

10:13 PM: Hunh… Scythe Master still lives. My bad :P

10:13 PM: I figured he’d died in the explosion… conveniently

10:13 PM: Ending theme sounds like something out of Noir

10:14 PM: Verdict: I’m drawing parallels to Noir, here.

10:14 PM: Unfortunately, I was underwhelmed by Noir, so yeah…

10:14 PM: The plot seems like nonsense, though the animation and action sequences are fantastic.

10:15 PM: I guess that’s par for the course in this case?

10:17 PM: Anyway… I guess it could be worse… but that’s not saying too much in this case.

10:17 PM: Anyway, thanks for listening! Have a great night!

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