R1 Publisher: ADV Films
Animation: Madhouse
Producers: Toho
Release Date: 12/15/1992

What is it?

Devil Hunter Yohko is an OVA series that revolves around Yohko Mono – an ordinary high school girl, living an average life. You know, shopping, hanging out with friends, lusting after that hunk in class, and so on. Everything changes for the girl when her grandmother drops the world’s worst job in her lap.

Yohko descends from a line of demon hunters who, over the past 107 generations, had been keeping the world safe from the netherworld’s worst. Yohko was sadly oblivious to this, as her mother managed to exempt herself from the act. In order for the Mono to inherit their powers, they must remain virgins. So, now it’s up to Yohko to keep the world from descending into hell, while also keeping her hormones in check!

Why is it important?

Devil Hunter Yohko is the first title from the late ADV Films.

Any Interesting Stories?

According to Forbes Magazine, Toho was reluctant to license the series to AD Vision at first. Toho Los Angeles’s Shozo Watanabe recalls that “We were a little bit concerned about his ability to distribute the film… But we couldn’t find another distributor.” Total costs for licensing, subtitling, and producing 8,000 copies of the OVA amounted to $100,000.

Anything else?

Fun fact of the night: Devil Hunter Yohko’s release coincided with ┬áthe release of a Sega Genesis game of the same name in Japan. We never got the game, but I still think we got the better deal out of it!

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Kj87EdgPdM’]