The content of this piece was written during a viewing of the first episode of The Sacred blacksmith on January 18, 2011. Edits have been made for spelling and grammar, but the rest is completely untouched, and un-edited from its original format.

Giant monsters, swordplay, a lead that seems to have no idea about just what the hell is going on… this show has it all. Oh! And Quality – can’t forget mentioning that.

9:06 PM: Good evening everyone, and welcome to another showblog.

9:06 PM: Tonight’s feature is The Sacred Blacksmith.

9:06 PM: Before I get going with the review, I’d like to get the basics out of the way.

9:06 PM: Directed by Masamitsu Hidaka (Linebarrels of Iron, Pokemon)

9:06 PM: Music by Tamiya Terashima (Hanaukyo Maid-tai, Tweeny Witches)

9:06 PM: Created by Isao Miura

9:07 PM: Character designs by Jun Nakai (Tokyo Majin)

9:07 PM: Animation by Manglobe (Hayate the Combat Butler [movie], Samurai Champloo)

9:07 PM: Opening theme: Justice of Light by Mayumi Gojo

9:07 PM: Ending theme: Miracle Happy Day by Aki Toyosaki

9:07 PM: Released by [email protected]

9:08 PM: Now, let’s get this started!

9:08 PM: Open to a flaming cart.. and dead people. Way to catch attention :o

9:09 PM: And a girl fighting an… ice devil? This is interesting already :3

9:09 PM: And girl has a name – Cecily Campbell

9:09 PM: …She’s getting her ass handed to her >_>

9:10 PM: …and she got her ass saved by some guy named Luke.

9:10 PM: The staff did a good job of grabbing attention from the outset.

9:11 PM: Screen: “Independent Trade City Housman >:o”

9:11 PM: Looks like we’re getting shots of people haggling and living in the city.

9:12 PM: And some guy’s pissed at a shopkeep >_>

9:12 PM: Enter Cecily… who’s apparently a soldier and/or cop… that everyone likes.

9:13 PM: Ohp… breast shot. >_>

9:13 PM: And a fight… some hobo is bustin’ shit up :O

9:13 PM: He’s apparently a knight, and Cecily’s trying to reason with him… fat lot of good this’ll do

9:14 PM: “Why can’t I be saved? D:” ’cause you’re busting shit up T_T

9:14 PM: Swordfight is go! The choreography’s pretty good.

9:15 PM: And Cecily broke her blade. Hobo – 1, Cecily – 0

9:15 PM: …and Luke (I presume) saves her ass before the deathblow. >_> That makes four.

9:16 PM: “You’re a survivor of the war? :o” …what war? >_> Guess we’ll find out

9:16 PM: Hah. :D Ceci’s knees gave out.

9:16 PM: …and Luke has a loli companion. >_>

9:16 PM: A chatty loli.

9:17 PM: Luke seems critical of her.

9:17 PM: And he’s blowing off a meeting… hah :D

9:18 PM: Cecily waxes poetic about the sword, and the blacksmith tells her to melt it down, like a boss

9:18 PM: “That sword has run its course :D” he’s blunt.

9:19 PM: …and now she’s hunting Luke. >_> #StalkerIntraining

9:19 PM: Loli’s got a name now – Lisa. Luke lives with her

9:19 PM: Introduction time! :D

9:20 PM: Hah. :D Cecily’s forward… and Luke’s a dick

9:21 PM: Looks like the truth comes out – Cecily wants a sword… and Luke won’t make one. >_> Scrooge

9:21 PM: “I only forge katanas for myself T_T” …nice fellow.

9:22 PM: The truth comes out. Cecily’s only been a knight a month. >_> She talks big for a newcomer

9:22 PM: “A member of the Campbell family must always serve as a knight. T_T ” …I see.

9:23 PM: “I want a sword that can’t be broken! ” Who doesn’t?

9:23 PM: Lisa is a buzzkill :D

9:24 PM: “I want you to look at ME! :3” “O____o” “NOT THAT WAY! D:”

9:24 PM: And now we get the werewolves on the prowl. They at least keep things moving quickly in this.

9:25 PM: And a badass bandit guy – I like him already

9:25 PM: …And here we are at the beginning.

9:25 PM: Or something. :P

9:26 PM: Cecily has a death wish – going after the inhumans herself.

9:26 PM: And Luke… saves his ass again. “Get up, Cecily Campbell… or are you all talk? :3” Ice burn.

9:26 PM: Again, loving the fight choreography in this.

9:27 PM: First the werewolves, NOW we have the ice giant… thing.

9:28 PM: “A devil’s contract! D:” so that’s… the bandit dude… I’m guessing? Sold his soul for power and all that?

9:29 PM: Cecily = stubborn – refuses to run while Luke’s fighting it off. Admirable, to say the least.

9:29 PM: Bastard broke Luke’s blade… now Ceci’s trying to fight with a broken sword? She’s uh… either nuts or brave.

9:30 PM: “THIS IS WHO I AM!” A suicidal knight?

9:30 PM: Forging start!

9:30 PM: “Folding over… folding over…” number nine. Number nine.

9:31 PM: I now it’s supposed to be impressive, but this is a bit… overblown

9:31 PM: Luke’s gonna cut a bitch.

9:31 PM: …Or not T_T End of the episode.

9:32 PM: And we get bouncy poppy music – talk about jarring XD

9:32 PM: Still… I have to admit I’m digging this.

9:32 PM: Cecily is as dumb as a brick, but she seems to work well with the rest of the cast.

9:34 PM: The setting is a nice high fantasy that you just don’t see too much of anymore, and the story really grabs you from the get-go.

9:34 PM: I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this one going forward.

The Sacred Blacksmith is distributed in America by FUNimation.
The series can be purchased at Right Stuf.

Thanks to FUNimation for providing a review copy!