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Anime: A Beginner’s Guide Chapter 7: Resources, or Where to Go Next

Now that you’ve gotten familiar with anime as a medium, and explored a few titles, you may be asking “where do I go next?” This chapter will highlight a number of resources that give you a good idea on where to turn in regards to most popular aspects of anime fandom.



  • Anime Dream – I have to put in a plug for AD, considering I hold several positions at the site. We’re good people, though a little understaffed. (Editor’s Note: Anime Dream closed its doors in 2012.)
  • Anime Nation News Blog – Not quite as extensive as Anime News Network’s content. However, the real meat of the site is Ask John, in which anime guru, Anime Nation employee, and former AN Entertainment head John Oppliger answers reader questions on the industry, genres, and more.
  • Anime News Network – The largest, most trusted anime news source of the web. Anything that comes down the wire, be it new show announcements, convention coverage, or just about any other piece of news, important or not, gets reported here. In addition, the site boasts a large database that details everything one would like to know about almost any given series on the market.
  • FUNimation News Blog – FUNimation’s official blog. Aside from normal news, the blog has insights on announcements from company employees, hosts contests, and holds events like FUNicon.




  • AniDB – A freely accessible, community-editable database of anime titles, that also provides user collection features. the database currently boasts information on over 6,000 anime titles, 100,000 episodes, 27,000 characters and 23,000 creators.
  • Anime Planet – An Anime recommendation engine. Allows users to keep track of anime and manga titles they’ve watched, rate titles, and receive recommendations and awards based on what you’ve watched and enjoyed. In addition, the site boasts a vast anime database with synopses, creator profiles, and even character profiles.
  • Crystal Acids – Currently, the largest western voice actor database. Profiles most voice actors in the industry, and provides complete listings of their roles by year, as well as roles they performed under pseudonyms.
  • My Anime List – Part social network, part collection tracker, MAL provides users with a database to categorize anime and manga, and helps match users with similar tastes. Like Anime Planet, the site provides synopses and recommendations, based on what users enjoy.
  • Reddit Anime – Without these folks, the guide you’re reading simply wouldn’t exist in its current form! Reddit anime collects user-submitted links to relevant news items, and commentary on said news. They’re a friendly bunch, but be sure to read the site’s Reddiquette rules before posting.


Legal Streaming Anime


  • Anime News Network – Serves as a sort of central directory for the legal streaming services on the web, while also serving up a catalog of shows on their own.
  • FUNimation – FUNimation’s official video channel – hosts thousands of episodes from FUNimation and their streaming partners.
  • CrunchyrollA streaming site that offers high-definition feeds of the latest titles from Japan. The site hosts numerous simulcasts to subscribers every TV season, and to standard users shortly afterwards.
  • The Anime Network – Another subscription site, provides selections of both Video-on-Demand titles, in addition to their streaming catalog.
  • hulu – The best-known legal streaming site on the web, features both anime and non-anime titles.


Online Anime Retailers


  • Amazon
  • AnimeNationOne of the longest-running anime retailers on the net. AN stocks deeper on toys, CDs, and other goods than Right Stuf, while also offering a selection of Blu-Ray and DVD titles.
  • Deep Discount
  • JListAn import retailer that specializes in everything Japan has to offer, from snacks, to toys, to the, well… “less orthodox” items you hear about.
  • The Right Stuf InternationalKnown for their quick shipping, weekly sales, and broad selection of goods, Right Stuf is an establishment with a rock-solid reputation.
  • Robert’s Anime Corner Store – Another popular retailer in the industry that focuses on quick shipping, good customer service, and a wide selection of goods, from DVDs to cels.





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