Since my early days, I”ve always had an affinity for older anime titles. A time when animation was done with ink and paint, and when budgets weren’t even a potential issue for studios. It was during this period that we saw many legends come to life, including Ryo Saeba, the Knight Sabers, and the Dirty Pair. The careers of legends began, and titles we now call enduring classics began to hit TV screens across the nation. Unfortunately, this period also seems to be growing into more of a lost era, as time goes on.

I can’t say that this is unexpected. As time goes on, the older titles fade from public perception, as shiny new shows take the limelight. Still, I can’t help but feel a bit sad as legends fade into the dark, only to be known as an obscure liner note in the latest otaku pander show, or a name-drop for some random trivia. Granted, some of these shows fade for a reason – some older favorites, like Outlanders, or Dallos, aged quite poorly. These titles are probably best left to languish in the wastes of time.

For the true classics, though, likeĀ Harlock, Macross orĀ even something like Devilman or Megazone 23, I urge fans to keep an open mind, and take a look. These titles are the very lifeblood of our hobby. And, while they seem dated on the surface, many of these hits of yesteryear can still impress visually, and deliver a story that stands among the best of the best today.