The content of this piece was written during a viewing of the first episode of El Hazard: The Wanderers on February 4, 2011. Edits have been made for spelling and grammar, but the rest is completely untouched, and un-edited from its original format.

Shows like this really make me miss the ’90s. Well, that, Animaniacs, and Freakazoid but that’s another story for another day.

9:18 PM: Good evening, everyone, and welcome to another showblog.

9:19 PM: Tonight I’m heading through the backlog, to present a live take on Nozomi Ent’s El Hazard: The Magnificent World!

9:20 PM: Sorry – El Hazard: The Wanderers. I should learn to read things :P

9:21 PM: Anyway, before I foul more things up, let me get the basics out of the way:

9:21 PM: Directed by Katsuhito Akiyama (Bastard!!, Gall Force)

9:23 PM: Created by Hiroki Hayashi (Battle Athletes, Legend of Black Heaven) & Ryoe Tsukimura (Noir, Shrine of the Morning Mist)

9:23 PM: Music by Seikou Nagaoka (Tenchi Muyo!, Stellvia)

9:24 PM: Produced by AIC (Tenchi Muyo!, Bubblegum Crisis)

9:24 PM: Released by .@animetoday

9:25 PM: And with that, let’s get this thing rolling. :D

9:26 PM: YES! >:o Epic 1990s opening with requisite RAWKIN happy guitar music! This is already the quintessential ’90s anime! :D

9:26 PM: Bouncy music from the get go… fun- HOLYSHITISTHATAGUNDAM O_o

9:27 PM: Oh… it’s a culture fest. And someone’s selling lunches >_>

9:27 PM: And she’s making a killing. o_o

9:27 PM: And we have a name – Nanami

9:27 PM: And her friend, Ryoko.

9:27 PM: “We were supposed to have lunch together today :<” Someone got stood up.

9:28 PM: By her lovey dovey Makoto – apparently a science freak.

9:28 PM: Yowza – Nanami will do anything to make a buck o_o “Mako-chan gets lunches half price :D” cooold

9:29 PM: Hah… kids hauling a giant poster of a loli, teacher doesn’t get it.

9:29 PM: Teacher = Mr. Fujisawa = badass.

9:30 PM: Now to the student council… as people bitch about the culture fest, and the president Jinnai, who looks like a douche, makes excuses. >_>

9:30 PM: “There have been suspicions raised about the festival’s operating funds T_T” Ohhh boy – corruption

9:31 PM: He’s a bastard indeed.

9:31 PM: And he’s finally had enough… “I am the president! What is your problem?! I AM YOUR RULER! >:o” #paraphrase

9:31 PM: Yeah… this guy’s got a complex >_>

9:32 PM: And back to Nanami, who found her Makoto… and she’s pissed about being stood up

9:32 PM: While Makoto kees working on… something >_>

9:32 PM: “You haven’t changed at all :3” for better or worse.

9:33 PM: Oh boy… douchebag president is Nanami’s big brother… this won’t end well ‘_’

9:33 PM: “What’s all this noisy stuff?! T_T” I knew it.

9:33 PM: He’s shutting them down

9:33 PM: “Loud noise is against regulations! T_T” “How can you say that when you’re the one doing the loud yelling? :D” #ICEBURN

9:34 PM: Jinnai’s losing it… shit’s gonna get real

9:34 PM: Nanami’s amused, obviously. Sibling rivalry and bitchy sister syndrome demands it.

9:35 PM: Love the expressions in this already. Jinnai’s so over the top that it’s awesome. :3

9:35 PM: “I AM THE LAW! >:o” -slams door on foot- …riiiiiight >_>

9:35 PM: The next morning! …or something >_>

9:36 PM: Makoto’s apparently a “famous genius” – Jinnai watches him on TV and seethes while he eats noodle bread… not very dignified at all.

9:37 PM: Hah. :D Makes sense now – Jinnai’s always been shown up by Makoto even though he didn’t notice

9:37 PM: Holy hell. O_o I think Jinnai IS gonna snap

9:37 PM: …Yyyyep. He snapped.

9:37 PM: Complete with epic maniacal laughter

9:38 PM: And Makoto’s… making to-go boxes for Nanami. >_>

9:38 PM: “Do you want to buy something? :D” “Not really, why? o_o” “I wanna know why you’re working to make so much money. o_o” “It’s fun :D” …kay

9:39 PM: Hah! Jinnai’s getting Fox News’d by his detractors. :D

9:40 PM: And he got busted in the act while trying to do the same to Makoto… He gon’ get beaten.

9:40 PM: And Eyecatch!

9:40 PM: Brief mid-show analysis: So far, I’m digging this. Everything screams “’90s anime” from the visual style to the pacing, and even the music.

9:41 PM: It’s also delightfully over the top, which doesn’t hurt in my books. ~_^

9:41 PM: My only real complaint is the video quality – it’s a bit artifact-y on the darker colors.

9:42 PM: But for a 16 year old show, I won’t complain much. Anyway, back to the show!

9:42 PM: And we’re in the night duty room, where someone’s drinking, smoking, and looking at… is that porn? O_o

9:42 PM: Ohh… it’s badass teacher man :D

9:43 PM: Who’s gonna make his patrols… while Makoto and Nanami finish the invention

9:43 PM: But… will it blend?

9:43 PM: “What is this? :D” “I dunno o_o”

9:43 PM: At least even Makoto acknowledges it’s weird.

9:44 PM: And finished with the traditional “Everyone’s laughing! :D” moment

9:44 PM: Looks like Mr. Fujisawa is going to go mountain climbing… like a boss

9:45 PM: Meanwhile, in the LEGION OF DOOM – sorry – science lab…

9:45 PM: We have Jinnai playing asswipe again and HOLY SHIT STARRY EYED RUGGED MAN TEACHER D:

9:46 PM: “THIS IS THE ONE WHERE THEY SHOW THE MOUNTAINS! :O” with a show named “NORTH ALPS – MT. HAKUBA” They damn well better!

9:46 PM: And teach is drunk, and spouting stories… and wtf is Jinnai doing? O_o

9:46 PM: “I compliment my meanness :3” ohh… panties. >_> how… stupid

9:47 PM: Hah! :D giant coil crushes Jinnai and pisses him off. Stupid coil! You go kick! T_T

9:47 PM: Yeep – he’s kicking it. >_>

9:47 PM: And now he’s screwing with the machine proper… SMRT

9:47 PM: “I forgot to turn it off D:” clearly T_T

9:48 PM: And they’re off to the lab – where NOTHING is going wrong :D

9:48 PM: Except the wormhole, of course.

9:48 PM: And deranged Jinnai

9:48 PM: “YOU’LL DIE!” If only…

9:49 PM: “Oh! UFO :D” “Where? :O” …smaaaaart

9:49 PM: Looks like Jinnai helped create the large hadron collider :o

9:49 PM: As they’re sucked into a black hole… well… ALL of em are apparently

9:50 PM: Including badass chain-smoking, porn-reading teacher

9:50 PM: Who climbs mountains

9:51 PM: …And now, they’re in some pastel forest place… with flying snakes. >_> This ain’t Kansas anymore, ‘Koto

9:51 PM: “Where am I? :D” Newark, New Jersey.

9:51 PM: Dunno why but everything ends up there eventually

9:51 PM: Holy shit giant bug… thing :o


9:52 PM: …INTO the giant bug thing?

9:52 PM: Yyyyep

9:52 PM: Makoto’s in a pinch… as is Nanami apparently, if the scream means anything :o

9:52 PM: And credits…. with unfitting bouncy music after that XD

9:53 PM: Anyway, I must say that I’m enjoying this. :)

9:54 PM: The characters are fun, if not a bit one-dimensional in some ways, the plot works well, and the concept leaves a lot to work with.

9:55 PM: I’m absolutely looking forward to diving deeper into this.

El Hazard: the Wanderers is distributed in America by Nozomi Entertainment.

The series can be purchased at Right Stuf.

Thanks to Nozomi for providing a review copy!