This week, I began going full force on news updates for AD again. It’s definitely an adjustment, as I start getting back into the rigors of news cycles, info circuits, and PR wires after what feels like forever, I have to admit, it’s both refreshing and somewhat stressful at the same time.

On the “stressful” level, it’s just a never-ending grind. News never sleeps, nor does it relent. If something happens, it’s simply going to happen! Some days go by, where it feels like the entire industry’s going to hell. A simulcast gets cancelled, or a company hits the skids, or worst of all, somebody passes away.

At the same time though, I love what I do. To live in a world of facts, stats, and announcements means that you’re never more than a few hours from something big, exciting, or just plain interesting is an absolute dream for an information junkie like myself. With the cycle picking up and con season getting underway, it looks I couldn’t have chosen a better time to jump back into the fray. I’m hoping that with this season, I can derive a few interesting editorials for you to enjoy, dear reader. Anime Boston is about two months away, and I’m confident that I’ll have some content that you’ll enjoy!