Welcome to the Herald!I’ll admit that I have a bit of a problem. With the move, and with other issues starting to loom, I’ve found my free time starting to dwindle. On one hand, it’s a great predicament to be in. After all, being busy is a hallmark of progress and advancement. However, it’s beginning to take its toll. I’m watching less, writing less, and finding less energy to keep the content flowing forward consistently.

Things finally hit home, when I realized that my editor, someone that tends to watch less anime than I do, managed to beat me to the punch on seeing Summer Wars. I love running this blog, and I do genuinely enjoy writing for you, dear reader. However, things will need to change a little going forward if I don’t want this to turn into a self-contained bubble.

Beginning this week, I’ll be taking one night off to catch up on other work, be it news for Anime Dream, larger series reviews, or just plain relaxing and cutting down on the anime backlog. This could fall on any night, but will most commonly be a Tuesday or Thursday, as we’re hitting a period where news will concentrate around the weekends. I won’t go without content – instead, this will be a night where I find a filler piece – this could be an older work, or a brief exercise, or even a random “Goodies” post. It’ll be something simple and fun, mostly. Ideally, this will let me get back to all cylinders faster.

I thank you for the patience, and hope you bear with me during this mild transitional period.