Last week, Bandai Visual posted the first trailer for Tiger & Bunny. Usually I’m an absolute sucker for Sunrise’s material. However, this new series has me conflicted.

The series has a number of positives going for it. The plot seems delightfully absurd, with the notion of corporate-sponsored superheroes. The series has a great staff behind it, with Karas director Keiichi Satou at the helm and Video Girl Ai’s Masakazu Katsura working on characters. Katsura’s knack for design shows through wonderfully in the gorgeous 2D shots.

On the flip-side, the show’s CG is already looking flat-out ugly. The 3D visuals clash with the 2D art, and really don’t seem to mesh to create a cohesive product. This isn’t the first time a show has been plagued by bad CG. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it does hurt the initial impressions a bit.

With Sunrise’s overall eye for quality, I am hopeful that Tiger & Bunny will be entertaining, at the very least. I just hope that the creators don’t go too ga-ga over the CGI, and put the focus on the show’s content first and foremost. At least this time, we only have one month to wait until we find out if this is a quality title, or a disappointment.

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