With less than a month left until Anime Boston, I’ll be changing gears to prepare for the event. I still plan to cover the events in Japan, as they are an important happening that simply can’t be overlooked. However, in the thirty days left, I’d like to outline what I hope to have done by 5:00AM, April 22. So, in an ideal world where things work out well and I don’t end up losing one to two weeks to an unexpected disaster, I’d like to get the following accomplished:

  • A chapter in the Beginner Guide focusing on anime cons
  • Two Sentai vs. Superheroes posts
  • One series review
  • One episode review
  • One Landmark/Semi-Essentials post

This isn’t set in stone, and highly subject to change, but I wanted to be up-front on what I hope to accomplish overall in the next month.