The content of this piece was written during a viewing of the first episode of Hero Tales on March 21, 2011. Edits have been made for spelling and grammar, but the rest is completely untouched, and un-edited from its original format.

For a show named Hero Tales, you kind of got it.. there are heroes, there’s a tale somewhere. But more than anything, the show’s highlight is the villain. That guy can make even crap seem awesome by his mere presence.

9:08 PM: Good evening, everyone. I know it seems like it’s been forever, so welcome to another showblog!

9:08 PM: Tonight I’ll be covering Hero Tales.

9:08 PM: So, before I begin, I’ll get the basics covered:

9:08 PM: Created by Jin-Zhou Huan

9:08 PM: Directed by Osamu Sekita (Ghost Talker’s Daydream, Cross Game)

9:09 PM: Character designs by Hiromu Arakawa (Fullmetal Alchemist)

9:09 PM: Music by Tamiya Terashima (Glass Mask, Vampire Princess Miyu)

9:09 PM: Produced by GENCO (Elfen Lied, Genshiken, Kino’s Journey)

9:09 PM: Opening theme: Winterlong by Beat Crusaders

9:10 PM: Ending theme: Kakegae no nai Hito e by Mai Hoshimura

9:10 PM: Released by [email protected]

9:11 PM: And without further ado, let’s get started!

9:12 PM: Opening to fire around the big dipper… and burning buildings. ‘Kay

9:12 PM: Lots of dead people – scared girl and some kid running away. >_>

9:13 PM: And a burning temple. >_>

9:13 PM: And a survivor named Kaiyo? Anyway – Kid’s got a name – Taito! :O This show now brought to you by Space Invaders.

9:14 PM: “How many were there? T_T” “One :O” … HOLY SHIT IT’S A STAR PIMP

9:14 PM: Oh wait… it’s Master Asia – he’ll kick your face in and make you beg for more.

9:14 PM: Apparently, Master Asia’s after a sword kept there? >_> Owned by the “Ruler of the World.” I smell a plotline~

9:15 PM: And Taito is out to fight Master Asia. This could be fun :3

9:15 PM: And Master Asia’s kicking ass without trying :3 Have to admit – this is pretty badass.

9:16 PM: And Taito get thrown like a ragdoll. >_> Sword GET!

9:16 PM: Taito’s gonna cut a bitch.

9:16 PM: “A measly insect can’t draw it >(” …Taito drew it >_> After showing off his rippling biceps

9:17 PM: “What is this sword? :O” And today we learn that Taito is SECRETLY He-man :D

9:17 PM: Master Asia talking about an Alkaid.. or something, and more epic fighting

9:17 PM: …Taito’s super power – getting his ass beat.

9:18 PM: And now he’s pissed. Shit just got real. :o

9:18 PM: …Now we have some OTHER people with funky marks on ’em. >_> Okay… I’m guessing they’re “alkaids” then.

9:19 PM: Taito just cut a bitch.And bled out, himself… wtf

9:19 PM: WINNER: Master Asia.

9:20 PM: And intro.

9:20 PM: I dunno why, but hearing the Beat Crusaders always makes me want to watch Beck.

9:22 PM: Back to the show – talking about the seven stars of the Big Dipper… so we have seven heroes

9:25 PM: Now, we’re on a cliff with half-dead Taito? OK…

9:26 PM: And a ninja girl finding herbs for Taito. :D

9:28 PM: And we have the doctor in – apparently, the one who found Taito has a terrible sense of direction. fun.

9:28 PM: And everyone knows that Taito is the Alkaid, EXCEPT Taito. >_>

9:29 PM: In comes the girl – Laila. She’s got spunk! :D

9:29 PM: “Always in good spirits, Laila :3” “Oh no, my brother makes me cry every day! -laff-”

9:29 PM: Holy SHIT that’s gotta hurt O_o headbutt wake-up from Laila

9:30 PM: Gotcha – she’s Taito’s brother. And she’s pretty funny.

9:30 PM: Even if Taito IS gonna murder her

9:30 PM: …Taito’s got his rape face on as he stares at the burned temple. >_> #wtfjapan

9:31 PM: …Many men, buried honorably as warriors. Kaiyo, included

9:31 PM: oops… Taito’s anger took down a tree AND almost flattened the spunky sister!

9:32 PM: “Those people can’t even feel sadness anymore!” …this became a downer all of a sudden

9:32 PM: And now we have Master Asia, who’s hulking out and trying to draw the sword.

9:33 PM: He has a name now – Keiro

9:33 PM: And some creepy mage is going to try to kill Taito… I see our first adversary! :D

9:33 PM: Master Asia removes his bandage to reveal: A giant scar – this guy gets more and more badass by the minute.

9:34 PM: I swear – by next episode, he’ll be eating glass and nails

9:34 PM: Exposition time – apparently, the sword goes to the “ruler of the world”… fun

9:34 PM: So it’s like King Arthur in a way

9:36 PM: Vengeful Taito is vengeful… and his sister just wants to cheer him up. By pushing him off a fucking CLIFF? O_o wtf

9:36 PM: What a fucked up relationship, they share

9:37 PM: And the truth comes out – they’re not related by blood – just by mutual love of murdering each other… or something >_>

9:37 PM: White-hair is a peeper, apparently.

9:38 PM: And a guy that likes under-aged girls.

9:39 PM: fun – the guy can control people like puppets.

9:40 PM: “You’re one strong-willed cutie-pie! You might just be my type! :3” Here comes the rape D:

9:41 PM: Ohh… he’s making Laila strangle herself… gotcha.

9:42 PM: …He’s not too bright – basically ASKING Taito to murder him

9:42 PM: And Taito hulks out before delivering a Kenshiro-grade facepunch.

9:42 PM: “That’s it.. that’s the hate you were lacking! :3” yes, Luke – COME to the Dark Side…

9:42 PM: Wait.

9:42 PM: …Anyway, we’ve hit the end credits

9:43 PM: Verdict: It’s not a BAD show – but it’s not really thrilling me, either. The high point is definitely Master Asia

9:43 PM: He’s five kinds of badass.

9:44 PM: The story’s decently written, the characters are pretty likeable, and the music works wonderfully.

9:45 PM: The fight scenes, though, are fantastic. Fast, fluid, and just plain fun to watch. They really pull up an otherwise middling show.

9:45 PM: I don’t think I’ll be pursuing this further… but those who look into it won’t be disappointed if they’re looking for a fun action title

Hero Tales is currently distributed in America by FUNimation.
The series can be purchased at Right Stuf.

Thanks to FUNimation for providing a review copy!