Anime Boston is quickly approaching, and I can’t help but find myself scrambling and rushing to finish everything. Interview questions, panel notes, even basic itinerary are falling under the microscope as the seconds tick down, and April 22 creeps ever-closer.

This is the final stage of a vicious pattern that tends to repeat every time I prepare for a convention. What begins as elation quickly escalates to worry, then stress, and finally acceptance and a mad dash to finish all preparations before the big weekend. No matter the workload and no matter the event, I can never rest easily until the damn event begins and I dive into the thick of things.

The light at the end of the tunnel is quickly approaching, though, and I’m finally starting to feel comfortable with my readiness for the con. Articles are being finished, supplies have been bought, and the communications between the major parties are finally reaching the last stages.

In this final week, I’ll be wrapping up the final loose ends, and winding down as the convention’s date grows ever-closer. This week, I’ll unveil one last surprise that will certainly make attendees happy.

Thanks for dealing with the spotty scheduling and delays. I hope everybody is looking forward to this year’s Anime Boston!