The convention began on a strong note, as a brief stage show featuring convention mascots A-chan ang B-kun kicked things off. Afterwards, Andrea Finnin and Victor Leem the convention chair and vice chair, took the stage, and performed the traditional welcoming to the event. The two highlighted the more somber events of the past year, including the passing of Satoshi Kon, Osamu Dezaki, Carl Macek, and Peter Fernandez, as well as the recent disaster that rocked Japan. The pair noted that they would be accepting cash and blood donations to aid Japan, and proceeded to introduce the event’s guests.

As with previous years, they welcomed each guest to the stage, all of whom had warm words for the guests and the convention itself. As always, Tom Wayland delivered his own pre-recorded message to attendees, which included a degree of warm-hearted ribbing toward the Boston Red Sox. As he took the stage, he was met with the now-requisite boos and jeers, as he gave his speech to the audience. Wayland was followed by Stereopony, Girugamesh, and Mari Iijima, the former of whom delivered a pre-written statement (read from a sheet of notebook paper, no less).

After the guest introductions, another video was delivered, this time featuring the convention mascots again. The annual cosplot was finally revealed, as A-chan and B-kun, nay, “Tom Wayland and the Waylands” challenged Tom Wayland to a Rock Band competition. Wayland gladly accepted, after a bit of comedy courtesy of his son, and made his way offstage.

To close the ceremony, the con chair offered a stern warning to have fun, but to be good.