With two days to go before the big challenge, I’m scrambling to finish a few last-minute preparations. Aside from tending the growing list of bloggers, and preparing the tracking posts, I’m still rooting through the piles of discs in search of my own title to kick the event off with. It’s a little frantic, but I’m enjoying the experience.

I won’t disclose numbers or lists just yet, but I have to admit that I’m impressed at the turn-out for something that had zero build-up, and started in a small dead spot during the thick of con season. The number isn’t massive, but the people involved are a great bunch, and I absolutely look forward to their contributions to the project.

So, as a bit of a pre-Challenge formality, I’d like to offer my deepest thanks to those who are taking part. It’s not necessarily the most glamorous of challenges, I know. However, I hope that everybody involved, from the participants to you, dear reader, enjoys the experience. If all goes well, this may become an event people can look forward to next year.