The content of this piece was written during a viewing of the first episode of Ga-Rei-Zero on May 22, 2011. Edits have been made for spelling and grammar, but the rest is completely untouched, and un-edited from its original format.

Giant monsters, zombie ghosts, and psychopathic school girls may not sound like a good time, but they certainly do make for awesome TV!

7:31: Good evening everyone, and welcome to the showblog.

7:31: Tonight, I’ll be covering the action-horror series Ga-Rei Zero.

7:31: Before I begin though, I’d like to get the basics out of the way.

7:32: Directed by Ei Aoki (Fate/Zero, Girls Bravo)

7:32: Character designs by Osamu Horiuchi (Burst Angel, Full Metal Panic!)

7:32: Produced by AIC Spirits (Burn-Up Scramble, Tokyo Majin)

7:32: Created by Hajime Segawa

7:32: Opening theme: Paradise Lost by Minori Chihara

7:33: Closing theme: Yume no Ashioto ga Kikoeru by Kaoru Mizuhara

7:33: Distributed by: [email protected]

7:33: Now, let’s get this party started!

7:34: Opening with a police dispatch in Ikebukuro… already starting fast

7:34: And a car fire

7:34: In come the choppers – and now some guy’s lighting incense at a grave… k?

7:35: He apparently shot the local butterfly salesman, or something. :P

7:35: Enter Natsuki – biker babe who cares about our mystery man, now named Toru.

7:36: Apparently, they’re being dispatched… or on standby – Toru wants blood though.

7:36: So far, they’re doing a good job of building tension

7:37: Shit just got real – cars are imploding at the fire scene

7:37: And it’s caused by invisible zombie monsters – that’s right. Invisible motherfucking zombies

7:38: Lots of gunfire, lots of destruction… so far, this has been almost non-stop action

7:38: “Clear :D” …That was anti-climactic

7:39: Or not – it’s time for the boss monster – GAMERA!

7:39: Oh, and more zombies

7:39: As the humans get lit on fire and killed brutally

7:40: Ohp – human soldiers are dead… Gamera’s eatin’ him ‘_’

7:40: And in comes Toru, like a boss

7:41: Riding a motorcycle, firing double pistols as thumping eurobeat plays in the background – this is just over the top in the most awesome way.

7:41: And apparently, the motorcycle is effective in zombie killing, as Natsuki is showing

7:42: “Spray, spray, and spray some more!” …kay? ‘-‘

7:42: Looks like Gamera’s rampaging again… and Toru & Natsuki will deliver bike justice!

7:42: God damn this is fun.

7:43: And Gamera’s now dead. Happy end :D …except for the dead people

7:43: Now we’re in a board room as the higher-ups talk discuss the unit’s successes

7:43: Commander of Toru and Natsuki – mystery man named Komparu.

7:44: Gotcha – it’s not invisible zombie monsters – it’s ghosts.

7:45: Now we have everyone cleaning up the scene of the crime… or something

7:45: “Led Zeppelin :D” …wut?

7:45: Ain’t no rest for the wicked – another monster outbreak…. Toru’s ready for action, though

7:45: And now we have butterfly man… and eyecatch!

7:46: Mid-show analysis – I can’t say this in many other ways, but… this kicks ass. The action is over the top, the animation is clean…

7:46: And it’s just fun to watch in general so far. In 15 minutes, there’s been 8 people on fire and dozens of stylish kills

7:47: “It’s huge :O” Apparently, Gamera = Kasha

7:47: And Toru’s having another flashback.

7:47: It’s like Vietnam, with butterflies

7:48: They’re discussing how to dispose of the Kasha now

7:48: And our leader steps in with an idea… like a boss

7:48: “It can’t do anything if it’s in the barrier :D” …That barrier’s gon’ break

7:48: In comes Natsuki, with her “SHOMY” helmet

7:49: Looks like she’s the diversion

7:49: Toru and his partner are now there, too

7:50: Looks like Toru took the fun way in. Vertical rappel

7:50: He’s set to snipe

7:50: GO GAMERA! I mean…

7:51: They’re blowing the Levees to give a rush of water, I guess. And, apparently, holy water is made with computers now. Who knew?

7:52: And Gamera’s submerged… Here’s hoping Toru can put a bullet into its weak point for massive damage

7:52: And he’s distracted by a butterfly… MISS!

7:52: Ouch! O_o Natsuki wiped out from that

7:53: Gamera’s dead, though. That’s a bonus… I think

7:53: “I messed up T_T” yes. Yes he did.

7:53: Looks like the cavalry’s arrived, though.

7:53: Mission Accomplished.

7:54: And how do they celebrate a mission? Starbuck’s, apparently

7:54: And another butterfly.

7:54: Followed by… dayam O_o Masaki got his hand sliced off..

7:55: And now he’s dead D:

7:55: As is Kudo ‘-‘

7:55: Thanks to a Category A… AKA, a murderous schoolgirl

7:55: Looks like Mami got headcrabs D: Killed the boss, and herself

7:56: And Natsuki’s been beheaded ‘-‘ wtf

7:56: Damn, this got brutal

7:56: Apparently, Toru’s girlfriend or sister or something became a zombie… and he had to kill her. D: tragedy!

7:56: That explains the flashbacks

7:57: Now… it’s the girl again. And… daaaamn o_o Killed Toru, too

7:57: And credits.

7:57: Verdict: God damn, this is good.

7:58: Constant action, lots of over-the-top choreography, and great music.

7:58: The animation is fantastic and the characters are great… well… when they survive.

7:58: I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of this!

7:59: Anyway, thanks for tuning in! :) Have a great night, and be sure to check out [email protected]_Showblogs for his take on Princess Tutu!

Ga-Rei-Zero is distributed in America by FUNimation.

The series can be purchased at Right Stuf.

Thanks to FUNimation for providing a review copy!