The content of this piece was written during a viewing of the first episode of Galaxy Angel S on May 26, 2011. Edits have been made for spelling and grammar, but the rest is completely untouched, and un-edited from its original format.

If anything, this one is worth watching just for the amazing treasure that is the Wonbat! The Wonbat is all, and it knows all!

5:13 Good evening, everybody, and welcome to the showblog.

5:13 Tonight, it’s going to be a slightly different take, as I’ll be taking on a full series

5:13 Tonight’s feature is an epic tale of space-faring action and adventure, love and hate, war and… oh, who am I kidding?

5:13 I’m covering Galaxy Angel S.

5:13 This is a two-episode TV special that takes place somewhere between Galaxy Angel A and AA.

5:13 It’s from the house that Dejiko built, and the series carries that same DiGi Charat flavor.

5:14 Anyway, before I begin, I’ll get the essentials out of the way:

5:14 Directed by Shigehito Takayanagi (Panyo Panyo Digi Charat, Kanamemo World God Only Knows)

5:14 Character designs by Kanan (DiGi Charat, Galaxy Angel)

5:14 Created by Broccoli (Sugar: A Little Snow Fairy, DiGi Charat)

5:14 Released by [email protected]

5:14 Anyway, I’ve kept everyone waiting long enough – let’s get this moving! :)

5:15 And we have… TV warnings. :P

5:15 Here we go

5:15 Looks like they’re using the Galaxy Angel AA intro for this.

5:16 Let’s see if I can keep up with this one – in a way, it’s my greatest challenge yet. ^^;;

5:16 Opening to a space battle… action!

5:17 And the Twin Stars are on the assault, as the Angels are holding the fort

5:17 “Reinforcements won’t come ‘-‘ ” Wow… dark, Ranpha

5:17 And Milfeulle is the one hopeful one, as always

5:18 And… that didn’t last long D: Milfeulle’s luck just ran out!

5:18 And she’s coming to in a nurse’s office?

5:18 “It was just a dream :D” or WAS it? :3

5:18 Looks like the Colonel isn’t paying attention to her. He went right through her. (literally)

5:19 Off she goes… and everyone’s acting like Milfie’s not there, while she phases through everyone.

5:19 As she screams for attention like a little kid. :D

5:19 And Normad, everyone’s favorite missile-plushie can see her.

5:20 Yep… She’s dead Jim.

5:20 “HOW DID I DIE? D:” Uh, duh? T_T

5:20 “It was quite a bad explosion D:” …Wow, way to break it to her easy

5:21 Milfie = ghost… and nobody else seems to care

5:21 “Bonds are flimsy as paper :D” …clearly, for them >_>

5:21 “I will haunt and curse them forever T_T” hah :D

5:21 And there’s a way to come back to life… apparently

5:21 Soul switching to a new body… so dark magic

5:22 Wow… Normad’s an asshole. :D “You shouldn’t feel guilty since they clearly don’t care :D” “RAGE >( ”

5:23 And now we have poor Milfeulle remembering how everyone walked all over her for stupid stuff.

5:23 Ah… 2 year anniversary

5:23 Wow… they REALLY treated her like crap at times.

5:23 She wants revenge :D

5:24 And now we have the good memories… cue the “I’m not gonna curse them D:”

5:25 Called it – she ditched the orb

5:25 And she’s watching them talk… this is very slow for GA

5:26 Looks like it’s time for her to go… or something

5:26 Or not. :D Aparently, everyone ELSE is fading away

5:26 “Weren’t we in the middle of a battle? D:”

5:27 Hah! Milfeulle apparently tripped and killed everyone ELSE :D

5:27 So she’s alive, and they’re dead.

5:28 And time for the next part

5:28 Starts with moving orders?

5:28 Apparently, the Galaxy Angels and the Twin Stars are switching commanders, since Volcott’s borderline incompetent :D

5:28 He doesn’t deny it >_>;

5:29 Major Mary seems pissed – she’s first in line for a promotion, and the Angels are gonna ruin it

5:29 hah :D Milfeulle puts her foot in her mouth, everyone tries to kill well… Major Mary

5:29 And the alarm goes off, as they go off like nothing is wrong

5:30 Mary’s kinda having a mental breakdown or something, as she imagines cheerleaders for encouragement >_>

5:30 And the Twin Stars are making Volcott’s world hell :D

5:31 “You’re just gonna spend [your pay] on pachinko and horse racing and girly comics :3” “It’s the mustache :D” Porn stache takes maintenance

5:31 And they’re dissin’ his ‘stache

5:31 Here comes the murder

5:31 He takes the mustache personally

5:32 Hah.. looks like the Angels finally see an angry Volcott

5:32 He’s like a middle-aged Kenshiro O_o

5:33 “WATAA! :O” Ranpha got smacked so hard that she was petrified

5:33 Cue fleeing. :D And Major Mary’s off doing her own thing

5:34 Apparently, Mint = Mademoiselle Cook, the cosplay warrior

5:34 The fight is on!

5:34 …That was anticlimactic

5:34 So now it’s Forte’s turn to fight back

5:34 In a shootout

5:35 Volcott = badass – kicked Forte’s freakin’ bullets right back at her

5:35 And the truth comes out – the Twin Stars insulted the ‘stache, then ran to the Galaxy Angels like cowards :D

5:36 And now Milfie tries HER strategy… complimenting the ‘stache!

5:36 “They’re just jealous ’cause they don’t have mustaches :D”

5:36 And Vanilla ruins it. >_> A loser is them…

5:37 And now Volcott’s crying.. oh jeez. D:

5:37 Hah… Major Mary’s misfortune in 3..2…1…

5:37 And the Twin Stars crash into the Major

5:37 As she tries to sneak off

5:37 “There’s a stick right here :D”

5:38 …Yes! Bludgeon him with a… baseball bat with a dog head on it!


5:38 The Wonbat = epic win.

5:38 The world isn’t ready for the Wonbat!

5:38 Mary wields the Won bat and grows to giant size, as Volcott does the same.

5:39 The crowd’s on her size as the Twin Stars, the dead Angels, even the voices in Mary’s head cheer her on!

5:39 …And she clearly lost >_>

5:39 And credits :D

5:39 Verdict: It’s Galaxy Angel, therefore it’s awesome.

5:39 I kid, I kid

5:40 The first episode was pretty weak, but the second definitely made up for it.

5:40 The WonBat, the over-the-top action, and the simple, stupid sense of humor were spot on in the latter half.

5:41 The first half felt more subdued. Milfeulle’s angry outbursts were hilarious, for sure.

5:42 And there were a few good laughs, but the it was just fairly weak by GA standards.

5:42 However, weak Galaxy Angel is still great anime.

5:43 Anyway, thanks for joining me tonight! Have a great evening!

Galaxy Angel S is distributed in America by Bandai Entertainment.
The series can be purchased at Right Stuf.