AniSpring is now well underway, and the results have been piling in from both myself, and the other participants. Most recently, I finished the second phase with a review of The Sacred Blacksmith. I’ve made it no secret that this is far from my favorite piece. After all, it’s rough – the flow is off, the pacing is strange, and some of my criticisms seem incomplete. However, it’s still a piece of mine, and one that I will stand behind for the foreseeable future.

I began AniSpring with a few personal goals in mind. In particular, I wanted to achieve the following:

  1. Clear the growing backlog of DVDs before it consumes me
  2. Improve turnaround time for reviews
  3. Find a clearer, more distinct voice

The ideal end result would be a general improvement in my skills as a reviewer. In the past few years, my output has slowed, and the overall quality has suffered as a result. I felt that I needed a kick-start to get back to form. As with any type of recovery there are bound to be a few hiccups along the way.

So, I would like to thank you, dear reader, for putting up with the lows, and for enjoying the highs that come from this challenge. I know that not every piece will be a winner, nor am I sure of how great of an improvement I’ll see in six weeks. Still, I hope that you enjoy what comes of this inaugural edition of AniSpring.