I’ll admit this first and foremost: I’m a glutton for punishment. I tend to buy up mediocre to bad shows with reckless abandon. “Gems” like My Bride is a Mermaid, The Sacred Blacksmith, and Dan-Doh!! dot my collection like pockmarks in the ground after a mortar shelling. People ask why I bother, why I would hold onto such questionable titles.

This is an answer that’s two-fold. the first, as I’ve elaborated in the past, is the fact that I just love bad anime. There’s something appealing about these god-awful shows that makes them incredibly fun to watch on Bad Movie Night. The other reason is a bit more selfish. It’s simply too satisfying to rip into a horrible show, to tear something like Geneshaft or Noir after a bad day. I find it therapeutic in a way, as I can really just let loose, and unleash any pent up anger that’s gathered in the meantime.

For the next leg of AniSpring, I hope to let that genie out of the bottle once again. I’m starting to fear that I’m losing my bitter edge as a reviewer. Therefore, it’s time to open the floodgates and time to let the cattiness and rage begin to flow on paper once again. To get back into the habit, I’ve decided that it may be wise to let the mob choose what I must endure. In the next phase, I’ll be stacking the polls a bit to reflect this… there will still be five choices, but this time, they’ll be primarily picks from my “bad” pile. I’m hoping that this bears fruit, and I end up with something that allows me to regain that snarky edge.

Note: On the note of AniSpring, tomorrow, I should be posting my Writer’s Choice #2 entry – look forward to it!