With two days left in the polling for my next AniSpring piece, I can’t help but find myself both eager and afraid at the same time. All of the titles this time are those I’ve deemed “borderline unwatchable”, if not worse. They’ve all been tossed to the very bottom of the review pile, and none were expected to see the light of day again. I was ready to pretend they’d never existed.

However, the harsh reality is that I would have to address these titles in some form eventually. And, in some ways, I’m looking forward to getting the weight off of my shoulders. However, I can never bring myself to actually watch these titles under my own will. In this light, the free market of user opinion seems like the ideal medium for dragging my way into these questionable titles. While I’m not looking forward to any of the titles in the traditional sense, I’m absolutely looking forward to clearing them off of the queue. And, if the selection is particularly bad, I’ll look forward to tearing into it in print.

The voting closes in a few more days. Until then, all I really can do is sit, wait, and pray that the title isn’t enough to drive me insane.