Earlier tonight, Anime News Network reported that Exnet is delivering letters to children. The company began sending letters from Sgt. Keroro and Kamen Rider OOO to children living in evactuation shelters on June 11. The first letters were mailed Soma City in Fukushima and Tome City in Miyagi, and the company plans to send letters to every shelter by the end of July.

The letters are personalized to each character, with the Kamen Rider mailing containing lines like “because you’re here, no matter what happens I can keep fighting without giving up,” and the Keroro letter containing lines like “I look forward to the day when you are all back at full spirits and together we can invade Pekopon.”

Three months after the Japan quake, and much of the western world has already forgotten. The news cycle found its new shiny thing, and much fo the public has been herded to the latest celebrity scandal or reality show. Unfortunately the rebuilding is still a work in progress, and several areas of the Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures are uninhabitable. In situations like this, even small gestures of goodwill, such as those from Exnet, are appreciated. Especially in the case of the younger victims, words of encouragement like this are the type of things that will motivate and inspire in times of crisis.

While the situation is improving, it will take time before the nation is at its pre-quake peak. The lands in Fukushima are still radioactive, Miyagi is still rebuilding, and many areas are simply unusable. There are many still displaced, and struggling to survive from day to day. Truly, the worst thing we can do in this situation is forget. With any hope, we’ll see more displays like those from Exnet, and we’ll see an increasing morale in a nation beset by troubled times.