As many now, I’ve been on a bit of a house hunting expedition for the past few months. Countless evenings, spent looking through homes and trying to find that one special place. Unfortunately, this has led to a number of sacrifices. Over the past few weeks especially, my anime watching has dropped to incredibly low levels, and written pieces have become more erratic in quality. Frankly speaking, I wish that I could be done with the process. While the situation is ultimately for the best, it’s one of those things that one never wants to really delve upon. Still, it may be that my six-month search has come to an end. Maybe. Of course, I won’t be getting my hopes up again just yet.

Tonight, after the ritual of hunting, I spent the evening sitting back and simply enjoying a good anime with a friend. A few hours of Rurouni Kenshin were definitely what the doctor ordered. We spent the time enjoying the action, and making cracks at the comically bad dub. At the same time, we marvelled a bit, at how little things change, and how a great how remains great, even fifteen years later.

The social experience is something that I’ve always welcomed. The ability to chat, to enjoy, and to share the experience of a good show is a luxury that has become more and more scant in the past few months. With the growing obligations of myself, and those around me, it just becomes difficult to gather the two or three hours to sit down with a show.

Hopefully, these blocks will clear up a bit after the experience of house hunting is over, and after I’ve settled into a place that isn’t a box-filled apartment. It’s been a stressful time, but I’m definitely looking forward to the new possibilities and the new opportunities. I thank you, dear reader, for joining me through the entire experience. I do hope to have something for the big tenth anniversary up soon – even if it is a little bit late.